Which Disney Dreamlight Valley Edition Should You Buy?

A breakdown of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley editions and recommendations for all player types.

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is having its full release on December 5. However, this official release comes with a few editions, each with a different price and bonus content.

DDV’s release will include the Regular, Cozy, and Gold Editions. What makes them all different and, most importantly, which you should buy, is not easy to grasp. Their release announcement also promises to reward players who supported the game during Early Access, which makes it all the more confusing. So, to help you choose, here’s a buyer’s guide to which Disney Dreamlight Valley Edition you should buy.

DDV Buyer’s Edition: All Editions Explained

Image via Gameloft

This chart, officially released by the Disney Dreamlight Valley team, explains the different editions’ prices and bonus content.

The Regular Edition is the cheapest, while the Gold Edition is the most expensive. The reason is that the Regular Edition only includes the base game and 8000 Moonstones, whereas the Gold Edition comes with a house skin, a companion, and an outfit, plus 15000 Moonstones. Moonstones are the in-game currency for the premium shop, so having a few of them will come in handy.

  • Then there’s the Cozy Edition, the middle point regarding price. It comes with almost as many Moonstones as the Gold Edition, a house skin, five companion skins, a piece of clothing, and some other minor gifts.
  • If you’re interested in Disney Dreamlight Valley and would like to give it a try, you can choose to just dip your toes into this world with the Regular Edition. If what you see piques your interest, you’ll likely be able to get some extra Moonstones via Star Paths and DreamSnaps, two of the game’s activities and events. As for the cosmetics, they’ll surely be added to the Premium Shop at some point, and you’ll get the chance to buy them later.
  • If you’re new to Disney Dreamlight Valley and enjoy cozy games, the best DDV edition for you is Cozy Edition. This will put you up to speed with all the Early Access players. This version will be available on October 27 for North American Nintendo Switch players and will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC worldwide on November 10.

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If you’re a die-hard Disney Dreamlight Valley fan who has supported the game during early access via the Founder’s Pack, you’ll automatically get the Cozy Edition with the cosmetics of the Gold Edition. All that’s missing is some extra Moonstones, but you’ve likely already gathered some through DreamSnaps. There is no need to purchase any version of the game.