Which items stack in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

With triple Bloodthirsters, your champion may never bleed.

Image via Riot Games

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When playing Teamfight Tactics, half the game is mixing and matching items on different units to make them stronger. Sometimes, though, the best way to build up a champion is to use the same item more than once. If you have a unit that attacks fast, Bloodthirster may be key. For a powerful front-line tank, Gargoyle Stoneplate fits the bill. Not all items can be stacked on one another for bonus resistance or damage though. If you want to play around with building your teams, here’s a comprehensive list of items that do stack (and what effects increase with each item).

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TFT items that stack

Stackable ItemsOne ItemTwo ItemsThree Items
Archangel’s Staff20 AP40 AP60 AP
Bloodthirster33% Omnivamp66% Omnivamp99% Omnivamp
Bramble VestDoes 60/80/120 magic damage to nearby enemies when hit by basic attacks (based on star level)100/150/200 magic damage180/240/260 magic damage
Chalice of Power 30 AP for allies within 1 hex of the same row60 AP90 AP
Deathblade50/75/100 AD (based on star level)100/150/200 AD150/225/ 300 AD
Dragon’s Claw200 MR400 MR600 MR
Gargoyle Stoneplate+18 bonus Armor and MR for each enemy targeting the unit+36 Armor and MR+54 Armor and MR
Giant Slayer20% bonus damage/60% bonus damage if enemy health is over 180040% bonus damage/120% bonus damage60% bonus damage/180% bonus damage
Guinsoo’s Rageblade+5% bonus Attack Speed on-hit+10% Attack Speed+15% Attack Speed
Hextech Gunblade33% Spellvamp (Like Omnivamp, but relying on abilities to regain health)66% Spellvamp99% Spellvamp
Ionic Spark When enemy champions cast an ability, they are zapped by magic damage equal to 185% of their max damage370% magic damage 555% magic damage
Jeweled Gauntlet15% Critical Strike Chance (direct damage item)30% Critical Strike Chance45% Critical Strike Chance
Locket of the Iron SolariShield holders and allies within 2 hexes in the same row for 300 /350/400 health shield (based on star level)600/700/800 health shield900/1050/1200 health shield
Rabadon’s Deathcap 65 AP105 AP145 AP
Rapid Firecannon Champion range increases by one hextwo hex rangethree hex range
RedemptionHeal adjacent allies for 12% of their missing Health every 5 seconds24% missing health heal36% missing health heal
Runaan’s HurricaneFires one extra bolt dealing 50% ADTwo extra boltsThree extra bolts
Spear of Shojin Every 3rd attack restores 20 additional Mana40 Mana60 Mana
Statikk ShivEvery 3rd attack unleashes chain lightning that bounces to 4 enemies, dealing 30 magic damage60 magic damage90 magic damage
Tactician’s Crown1 extra champion slot allowed on your board2 extra champion slots3 extra champion slots
Titan’s ResolveTwo bonus AD and AP per stack. At max stacks, grants 25 bonus Armor and MRFour bonus AD and AP per stack. At max stacks, grants 50 bonus Armor and MRSix bonus AD and AP per stack. At max stacks, grants 75 bonus Armor and MR
Warmog’s Armor1000 Health2000 Health3000 Health
Zeke’s Herald 30% bonus Attack Speed for the holder and all allies within one hex and in the same row60% bonus Attack Speed90% bonus Attack Speed
Zz’Rot Portal The champion spawns one voidling upon deathTwo voidlingsThree voidlings

Which items do not stack?

While many items offer great benefits if you build and use multiple of them, there are quite a few that don’t. Many of these items simply cannot be placed twice on the same unit. If you try, the game will cancel the interaction and return the item to your bench. Here they all are:

  • Edge of Night
  • Emblem items
  • Infinity Edge
  • Guardbreaker
  • Last Whisper
  • Morellonomicon
  • Protector’s Vow
  • Quicksilver
  • Shroud of Stillness
  • Sunfire Cape
  • Thief’s Gloves
  • Morellonomicon
  • Quicksilver
  • Zephyr