Which killers can you date in Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim?

The dating pool was never this deadly.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has heard you, Dead by Daylight fans. You’re finally getting a dating sim featuring the game’s killers. It’s called Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, and it’s coming this summer. As we learned during the announcement, you’ll be able to flirt with them, learn their dark secrets, and find romance and friendship along the way — or die trying.

We don’t know how the game will play, although dating sims often rely heavily on text and dialogue choices. However, we can answer the question of how many killers you’ll be able to date. The announcement trailer, which you can watch at the bottom of this article, shows off four killers. That number could increase with DLC of course, but for now, these will be your four suitors when the game releases this summer.

The Trapper

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Trapper, aka Evan MacMillan, appears in a classic black-and-white striped bathing suit. His mask has also been made less intimating for Hooked On You, letting you actually see his face beneath. His hands are still bloody, so just be ready to wash yours off after you take a stroll together.

The Huntress

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Huntress, whose real name is Anna, has also had her mask made more cutesy. Like The Trapper, she’s also super buff. Her backstory involves hunting animals in the woods, hence the swimsuit with a design that almost looks like autumn leaves. Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu might have some competition here.

The Wraith

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The third datable killer is The Wraith, aka Philip Ojomo. In Dead by Daylight, he wears a heavy cloak as he stalks his prey. In Hooked On You, he lets that fit body be seen. He’s also armed with a Wailing Bell in the regular game, but it’ll be up to you to ring his metaphorical bell in the dating sim.

The Spirit

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The final single-slash-slasher is The Spirit. She’s the ghost of Rin Yamaoka, who died from being hacked apart by a katana. The results of that death are evident even in this dating sim. The Spirit might be showing more of her body here, but her limbs float separately from where they were sliced off in life.