Who is Melina in Elden Ring?

Where is she? And what can she do for you?

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will meet Melina in Elden Ring once you’ve found and interacted with three different Sites of Grace. She will appear seemingly out of nowhere and offer you an accord whereby she will aid you as your very own Finger Maiden. Unless you’re especially masochistic, you’ll accept her offer because she proves very useful.

First, Melina can level up your character in return for Runes. As she puts it herself, she will rest her hand upon you, for but a moment and, provided you have enough Runes to pay her, she’ll increase one of your attributes, which is how you level up in Elden Ring. If you’ve played Dark Souls III, then the best way to think of Melina is as Elden Ring’s answer to the Fire Keeper.

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Melina will also give you the Spectral Steed Whistle, which is the only way you can summon Torrent, your horse, so she’s a very important character altogether. She can also transport you to Roundtable Hold when you activate the Site of Grace on the road to Stormveil Castle.

Not much else is known about Melina. She appears to be some kind of ghost or spirit, but who she was before she was alive (if she ever was) is a mystery. She also offers no explanation for that strange tattoo over her left eye. All we can say for sure about Melina is that, in the English language version of the game, she is voiced by Martha Mackintosh, who British players may recognize from the TV comedy drama, Stella.