Who is Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Banker goblin? Evil goblin?

Image via Harry Potter Wiki

Hogwarts Legacy takes you back to the late 19th century. You play as a young fifth-year wizard or witch who just walked into Hogwarts. Almost immediately upon your arrival, Professor Fig starts giving your character the basics of Magic for Dummies when he sees great potential in you: an unexploited ability to perform “ancient magic.” He’s not the only one who might be interested in those abilities as an impending goblin rebellion is on the horizon and it could have implications for your magic user. This rebellion is led by a goblin named Ranrok, who is brand new to the series. Here’s what we know about Ranrok so far.

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Who is Ranrok?

Ranrok was made from scratch for the sake of Hogwarts Legacy, meaning that this character does not exist in the universe of the books. As a result, we know very little about Ranrok at the beginning of the game. He is the leader of the Goblin rebellion in the 1890s and has teamed up with a powerful dark wizard, Rookwood, to accomplish his mission. But what could that possibly be?

What if the Goblin Rebellion was just a distraction for Ranrok and Rookwood to get their hands on something bigger, like the secrets of ancient magic or the mystery that Eleazar’s wife, Miriam, was seeking at all costs to uncover before she died? We won’t spoil those answers for you here, but we will say that the goblin rebellion is going to be a key aspect of the plot in Hogwarts Legacy.

What role will the goblins play in Hogwarts Legacy?

Thanks to the many trailers and gameplay showcases released, we know quite a bit about the game’s story and the potential role of the goblins within it. Of course, only some of the goblins in the game are likely our antagonists, and we don’t know what the rebellion is about. Is this a revolt for goblin rights, as already happened in the 17th century? Or does it have to do with Ancient Magic and the fact that particular creatures and other humanoids are tainted in the game? Should we face them or save them?

If only there was a fifth-year student to lend a hand. With our help, Professor Fig investigates the death of his wife, Miriam, and our mysterious connection to ancient magic.