Who is the three-legged woman in Sons of the Forest?

Is she a friend or a foe?

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Sons of the Forest is the follow-up to the incredibly popular survival game The Forest. The sequel’s storyline has proven to be a hit among horror connoisseurs and casual players alike; however, one aspect of the game’s lore still has fans scratching their heads: the presence of a three-legged, three-armed woman. Who is she, and what exactly is she doing here?

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Who is Virginia Puffton in Sons of the Forest?

The three-legged woman is said to be Virginia Puffton, the daughter of the billionaire that your character was told to locate on the island. Although Virginia is a young woman, it seems she’s seen better days. After all, she’s been missing for over 30 weeks and has mutated to the point of growing an extra arm and leg. Despite undergoing mutation, she still appears to have humanlike qualities and hasn’t succumbed to madness just yet. In fact, she’s one of the few characters that doesn’t attack if you come in with your weapons drawn.

What does the three-legged woman do in Sons of the Forest?

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Despite her unsettling appearance, Virginia is a part of Son’s companion mechanic, meaning you can befriend her. She is shy at first, but will eventually grow to trust your character over time. Once Virginia joins you as an ally, she will provide you with gifts and even dance for you.

The inclusion of Virginia as an ally comes as a surprise to some fans, and much about her is still unknown. While one sidekick, Kelvin, was confirmed as an ally prior to the game’s initial release, Virginia’s status remains shrouded in mystery even after the game debuted on Steam Early Access. Unlike Kelvin, developer Endknight Games wants you to choose your own path with Virginia, meaning you don’t need to use her as a companion to finish the game.