Who should you tell Minoru you’d take to a rented-out theme park in Digimon Survive?

Don’t break his poor heart.


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Digimon Survive is filled with intense battles to fight and hard decisions to make. While some choices change your Harmony, others can have a very real impact on your relationship with the characters around you. This guide explains who you should tell Minoru you’d take to a rented-out theme park while you’re exploring the amusement park in Part 4 of Digimon Survive. So you emerge with the best possible result.

Who should you tell Minoru you’d take to a rented-out theme park?

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During Part 4 of Digimon Survive, you’ll head to an amusement park in search of Miu. She’s missing, and her brother Kaito is quite worried about her, so the whole group has gone out looking for her together. While you’re exploring the amusement park and speaking to each character, you’ll come across a few interactions that have an impact on your affinity with certain people. One of those is Minoru. He’ll ask you who you’d bring to a rented-out theme park in the real world, once you’ve returned, that is.

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You have three answers to choose from for this question. Only one of them matters, though. You should pick “You” as your answer because it will improve your affinity with Minoru. However, if you don’t want to boost your affinity with him, you can either skip this conversation entirely by not speaking to him or choose one of the other two options.

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Increasing your affinity with characters is useful for future battles but also if you’re pursuing certain endings. The better your relationship with specific characters, the closer you’ll be to getting certain Harmony endings or achieving specific outcomes in battles. You can also talk to enemy Digimon in free battles more effectively if you have a high affinity with the characters doing the talking, resulting in a cohesive team and a very full collection of Digimon.