How to skip or fast-forward through dialogue in Digimon Survive

Here are the controls to skip or fast forward dialogues in Digimon Survive.

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Digimon Survive is a part visual novel, meaning there’s a lot of dialogue. Most of your time playing the game will involve reading, but there’s a way to fast-forward through conversations. If you are in a rush or playing Digimon again in a second playthrough, skipping and fast-forwarding through the dialogue becomes a helpful tool. The dialogue in Survive is vital and well written, yet we understand the need to get through it fast and get to the good stuff.

Can you skip dialogue in Digimon Survive

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When you’re talking to the other characters in Digimon Survive, you can skip forward pieces of dialogue. If you want to fast-forward through a conversation, press the right directional button on your D-Pad. Pressing it once will skip one piece of dialogue, and holding onto it will continue skipping the entire conversation. If you want to go to the next part of the game’s story, then keep pressing down on the right button until you are at the next section of the game.

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We recommend that you not fast-forward through the dialogue in your first playthrough. The conversations in the game provide vital information into the main narrative, and every piece of dialogue offers insight into the other characters’ personalities. Karma points and Affinity points with other characters are important to the game, and you won’t know how to raise Affinity if you don’t know characters well enough.

However, if you’re on a second playthrough, the fast-forward button will help you get through parts of the game that you’re already familiar with. You will need to play the game again if you want to accomplish certain things that are impossible in your first playthrough.

What is Auto dialogue in Digimon Survive?

You generally have to press the interaction button to go from the next piece of dialogue to the next. You press the X button on the DualShock controller to get the next part of the conversation; if you don’t feel like clicking on the X button all the time, you can press the left button on the D-Pad to go to Auto. The Auto button will automatically continue the conversation without any player input. The dialogue will remain in Auto until you press the left button again.