Why are traps not working in Sons of the Forest?

This one isn’t your fault.

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The survival title Sons of the Forest pits players against cannibals, mutants, a few puzzles, and the elements themselves in an arduous quest for survival. As with many survival titles, if not most, the continuous pressing concern that players are going to immediately satiate is that of food and water. So when your traps aren’t operating properly, you may find yourself scratching your head in bewilderment as you die from malnutrition. So why aren’t they working?

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Are traps working in Sons of the Forest?

Traps are currently bugged in Sons of the Forest — reasonable, concerning its position within the early-access program on Steam. Primarily, this means that fish traps will not operate properly regardless of how and where they’re placed. Based on the current understanding of the community, this cannot be circumnavigated by gameplay in Sons of the Forest. Fish can still be caught, by diving into bodies of water with fish, and stabbing them with a spear.

There’s good news, however — you don’t actually have to scour the world for food. Instead, frontload hitting the various caverns and hidden rooms across the map. There is more than enough food to be found by just progressing through the game’s plot, and hunting becomes an obsolete methodology for survival within the title. The only time you’ll actually find yourself lacking food is if you’re not progressing through the various loot-laden shelters, such as attempting to build a base or if you’re enjoying sledding a bit too often.

Small animal traps are functioning at the moment, but they tend to require sitting within a region or cell group for a while. If you’ve managed to eat through the reserves of food found in shelters, simply hit small animals such as squirrels and rabbits as you’re moving between shelters. Strike a fire anywhere using two sticks, and cook the stored raw meat anytime your hunger is interfering with your stamina bar.