Why does Fortnite keep crashing? How to fix Fortnite crash issues

Putting Fortnite back on the right track.

Image via Epic Games

Like many live service titles, those playing Fortnite will see certain issues appear every so often. One instance of this is when the game crashes either after being launched or while being put into a match, a problem that has mostly plagued its audience of PC players. Luckily, there are a few possible solutions that could help solve this issue, no matter your platform. Here’s why Fortnite might be crashing and how to fix it.

How to stop Fortnite from crashing

A majority of the battle royale’s crashing issues typically stem from major updates the game has recently received. This is because its data tends to corrupt the game application upon being installed, meaning neither your gaming hardware nor internet connection is at fault. In these more widespread cases, Fortnite’s official Twitter account will update the community and provide a timetable for when the developer will fix the error. However, it is still worth trying a few handy methods while you are waiting.

Potential fixes for PC users

For those on PC, the first course of action you should take is to verify the game’s files. You can find this option by clicking on the three dots underneath Fortnite in your game library and to heading the Manage button in its drop-down menu. If you are on DirectX 12 and the issue persists, you may need to switch over to DirectX 11. This can be done by first clicking on the initial of your display name and opening the Fortnite tab in the Setting menu. In the tab, turn on the Additional Command Line Arguments option and type in the following: d3d11. You will then be free to relaunch and test the game on DirectX 11.

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Potential fixes for all platforms

If this problem is affecting players on most platforms, the likely cause of these crashing issues could simply be the game’s servers. This is bound to happen when Fortnite is experiencing a server outage, and you can always check to see if this is the case on Epic Games’ Status webpage. On the off chance the servers are in good health, you may need to delete and reinstall Fortnite in the hopes of it removing any broken files. The developer also offers the option of submitting a request to chat with its support team to ensure the issue does not continue.