Why is Null Taste not dropping in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021? Answered

Is something amiss?

Image via Bungie

The arrival of The Dawning event in Destiny 2 has Guardians all over the world running around trying to find all the ingredients they need. Each year, Eva Levante arrives as ingredients start to drop in the game, and players can use them to make recipes.

One of the ingredients that players are trying to track down is Null Taste. To get some Null Taste, you will need to kill any enemies using Void abilities, or Void weapons. It is best to equip a Void energy weapon, and a Void power weapon, then head to an activity that will give you a lot of enemies to shoot. Lost Sectors can be quickly completed and reset, which makes them excellent for farming. Public Events also provide a lot of enemies to fight in a short amount of time. There is also the Dares of Eternity event.

The trouble people seem to be running into is that Null Taste is a very rare drop. You need to kill a lot of enemies, so the best thing to do is wipe out mobs as quickly as you can with Void weapons, abilities, or Supers. The Warlock’s Nove Warp is an excellent way to do it, as you can kill so many enemies in a single cast. But, if you think Null Taste is not dropping, we can attest that this is not true, as we have had the ingredient drop for us, and have managed to complete the Dawning recipes that require it.

Just find a pleasant spot to farm, bring two Void masterworked weapons so that you can feed your own Supers, or team up with some buddies to ensure you are all generating as much power as possible and you should find the Null Taste dropping for you.