Will Enshrouded Release On Xbox?

Enshrouded is an intense survival crafting game that pits players against the elements from the word go, and console players covat it.

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Image via Keen Games GmbH

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Thanks to the sheer depth of its crafting and survival mechanics, combined with its colossal world, Enshrouded is one of the most impressive survival games in recent memory. It pushes players and immerses them, and Xbox fans want to know if they’re ever going to be able to try it.

In Enshrouded, players are born into a dying world with evil fast encroaching on the last bastions of civilization. They’re tasked with surviving by whatever means possible, but it’s far from an easy journey. While punishing, most players report that the game is engrossing because of the way it makes them want to jump back in immediately after dropping dead. Even if they failed because of a silly mistake. While it’s exclusive to PC during its early access phase, fans are already eager to know if Enshrouded will release on Xbox.

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Will Enshrouded be Released on Xbox?

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Image via Keen Games GmbH

Yes, Enshrouded will be released on Xbox once it leaves the PC Steam Early Access phase and launches in full. This was confirmed by developer Keen Games GmbH via the company’s official Twitter account.

This means that while there won’t be an Xbox version of the game from January 24, 2024, the day the game launches on Steam for PC, there will be one in the future. It’s impossible to say when this will come because it won’t happen until the development team has worked through all the content it wants to add during the early access phase.

Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass?

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Image via Microsoft

At the time of writing, it’s not known if Enshrouded will ever be available through Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has a history of bringing big indie titles to the platform, but the Xbox release of this game is so far off that there’s no way to be certain either way.

Will There be Xbox & PC Crossplay in Enshrouded?

character near a gate in enshrouded
Image via Keen Games GmbH

Developer Keen Games GmbH has previously claimed that it would like to have functional Xbox and PC crossplay in Enshrouded when the Xbox version is released. However, the company added that it’s way too early to make promises in 2023, and that likely hasn’t changed since. We’ll update this section of the article if any new information is shared.

The reason it’s hard to know if there will be any crossplay between PC and Xbox for Enshrouded when it’s released is that the developer has to get through the Steam early access phase first. There could be bugs and glitches in the PC version, which means crossplay is impossible for months, even if the Xbox version could be released.

Keen Games GmbH will probably announce what functionality will be in the Xbox version of Enshrouded closer to its launch. Crossplay may well be part of that full release, but we’d expect to see it as part of a post-release roadmap as a feature the developer will add further down the line.

It took Digital Extremes ten years to add cross-platform progression to Warframe. Enshrouded is the kind of game that players will want to be able to continue playing their saved files regardless of the platform. With that in mind, we’d expect to see cross-platform progression in the game before crossplay is eventually added.