Will Ho-Oh be shiny during five-star raids in Pokémon Go? – January 1, 2021

How shiny is it?

Image via Niantic

Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokémon you can encounter in Pokémon Go. Like many other legendary Pokémon, it typically appears in five-star raids, meaning players need to work together to take it down in a grueling battle. However, these only appear for a limited time, and the next time Ho-Oh appears in raids will be from January 1 at 1 PM PT to January 5 at 10 AM local time, so players only have a quick weekend to catch it before it leaves. While you’re battling it, is there even a chance there will be a shiny version that you can catch?

We know that Ho-Oh’s shiny version is in Pokémon Go, and yes, trainers will have the opportunity to capture a shiny version of Ho-Oh during these five-star raids. It’s not a guaranteed encounter, so if you want to increase your chances to catch a shiny Ho-Oh, you’ll have to make sure that you consistently battle it in five-star raids with friends and try to coordinate with other trainers around the world.

A handful of five-star raids where legendary Pokémon appear and their shiny version is not available. For example, following Ho-Oh’s initial January launch, Genesect will be appearing, and it will not have a shiny version for players to capture, so it’s good to make sure if Niantic has turned it on or not.

For those struggling to reliably beat Ho-Oh, we’ve broken down the best way to take it down, and the Pokémon you want to use. Once you capture it, Ho-Oh is an excellent Pokémon to use in the PvP Master League mode in Pokémon Go, and we’ve listed out the best moveset to use with it to compete against other teams.