How to Find and Install Palworld Mods

Palworld offers players a wide world to explore and Pals to catch, but can players get specific mods for all the silly ideas they have?

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With plenty of creative players already anticipating Palworld‘s possibilities, many are wondering how compatible the Pokémon-adjacent game will be. Mods are a popular way to tailor personal experiences in any game, but not all titles are as welcoming to this fan-made content as others.

While games like Skyrim, Minecraft, and even Baldur’s Gate 3 have all been boosted by content created by players, other titles are a bit more rigid. Nintendo has never looked favorably at mods, leaving players to adapt their own “inspired-by” versions through the hard work of dedicated communities. With modding more popular than ever, it would be unfortunate if Palworld didn’t offer a way for players to put their flair on gameplay.

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Does Pocketpair Support Modding For Palworld?


Pocketpair has stated that it supports modding, will have Steam Workshop support ready not long after the game’s release, and are actually excited to see what mods fans make. Thankfully, in a short FAQ they posted on both Steam and the Pocketpair Discord, the company clarified its position early on after the game’s launch.

Just a few short days after the game’s release, a YouTuber claimed they had modded the title to include Pokemon. However, this mod cannot be downloaded or played, and the videos of it have since been copyright stricken, most likely by Nintendo.

The developer also addressed a lot of other common questions in this FAQ, and not all of it was good news. But, the question about modding was not something a lot of people expected to see answered.

As with a lot of other mid-sized studio or even AAA studio releases in 2023 (and now 2024), Palworld is developed in Unreal Engine 5, which is likely a pretty new territory for modders to work with. So, it’ll be exciting to see the ways fans figure out how to mod content into Palworld t, be it new dungeons, new Pal designs, or anything else.

More than anything, though, it’s good that Pocketpair is not only allowing modding for their game but encouraging it, as this usually tends to build a healthy player base that will provide the game with additional fanmade content for those who seek it while the main developer works on official content.

Where to Find Palworld Mods to Download

Necromus and Paladius Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

There are currently two websites where players can find and download Palworld mods: Nexus Mods and CurseForge. Both websites offer players a wide selection of mods to download and install, with over 100 produced in the past week alone on Nexus Mods.

Note that mods change Palworld’s files and may cause issues with the server or save files. It’s possible that a mod will corrupt the game’s files for some players if installed incorrectly, so it’s important to follow any and all instructions a mod author provides.

Can You Find and Get Palworld Mods on Xbox?

Lyleen Palworld Best Healer
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No, it’s not possible to get find and get mods for Palworld on Xbox. The mods players have created for the game are exclusively available for PC because players are able to change the game’s files on that platform. On Xbox, it’s much more difficult for players to change the game files. There could also be an issue of legality when it comes to modding Xbox games, which is why official Bethesda mods are the only ones we tend to see on the devices.

Any player who wants to learn more about Palworld should read through our complete guide for the game. In it, we’ve packed in everything we know about the early game, late game, automation, and even the bosses littering the world.