Will the Ice Breaker weapon be coming to Destiny 2? Answered

Are we warming up yet?

Image via Bungie

Fans of the Destiny series love the games’ exotic armor and weapons. From Destiny 1 classics like the Gjallarhorn and the Zhalo Supercell to Destiny 2 newcomers like Eyes of Tomorrow and Dead Man’s Tale, the seven-year history of the series is filled with gameplay-defining gear. One of the original guns that shaped the world of Destiny on launch in 2014 was Ice Breaker, an exotic sniper rifle that regenerated its own ammo and had explosive rounds, making it a go-to pick for many in both PvE and PvP content.

The last time we saw Ice Breaker was Year 3 of Destiny 1, which reintroduced the gun to the sandbox after skipping The Taken King. The entirety of D2 so far has gone without it, and fans have wondered since the game’s release if the famed weapon would make a return. While online rumblings of a return for Icebreaker emerged before the release of the 30th Anniversary update thanks to a questionable Reddit thread, so far Bungie has not indicated that the Exotic sniper will be coming to Destiny 2.

Could the Ice Breaker return to Destiny?

If the sniper rifle were to make its return in an upcoming expansion like The Witch Queen or one of its accompanying seasons, Guardians should expect it to be pretty different from its original incarnation, too. Older weapons like Hawkmoon, Thorn, and even the Gjallarhorn have been either partially or completely overhauled when making the jump to Destiny 2, and Bungie has placed a smaller emphasis on regenerating ammo for special weapons like snipers since the second game launched, usually with a focus on using ammo from reserves instead.

Ice Breaker substitutes in Destiny 2

Ice Breaker may not be confirmed for Destiny 2, but fans can likely find what they enjoyed about the weapon to a certain extent in other snipers. Praedyth’s Revenge, itself a returning weapon from the first game available from the Vault of Glass raid, can roll with Rewind Rounds and Firefly, giving it the respective abilities to reload automatically from reserves based on the number of hits and to cause Solar explosions on precision kills. It may not be infinite ammo, but it shares many of the traits that made Ice Breaker a must-have in its heyday, and those willing to part with the explosive damage from Firefly can go with High Impact Rounds instead for potent boss damage in PvE.