WoW: What Is Void Storage? [Everything You Need To Know]

Void Storages are the trophy shelves of World of Warcraft, except you’re renting the shelves in exchange for coins.

What is Void Storage Service WoW

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World of Warcraft is a massive game that keeps getting bigger with ever expansion. Catching up with all of its features can be mind-bending, and Void Storage is a great example.

Storage is tricky in WoW. There is a reason players have developed several add-ons to enhance the inventory mechanic. However, storing things outside the inventory doesn’t make it easier. Between the bank and this Void storage feature, it’s hard to decide where you should keep all your stuff. In this guide, I’ll go over what Void Storages are, what you should use them for, and how they’re different from banks.

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What is Void Storage in WoW?

Void Storage Service WoW
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Void Storage is an extra stash for your prized possessions in World of Warcraft. It’s a separate space outside your regular inventory or bank. 

It gives you 80 slots to squirrel away special items. It’s perfect for hoarding past conquests or those holiday-themed collectibles. Using it is as simple as drag-and-drop, accessed by chatting up the Vaultkeeper.

However, the Ethereals who manage this space don’t do it for free. They charge a small fee for each item you deposit or withdraw, with the total cost displayed at the bottom of your screen. 

What’s the Purpose of Void Storage in WoW?

Void Storage Explained WoW
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Before Void Storage’s grand entrance in 2011, players struggled with stuffed-to-the-brim banks. Imagine juggling cherished armor sets, unique quest rewards, and keepsakes gifted by friends across Azeroth. 

That’s when the Ethereals’ brainchild came to WoW: Void Storage. It was a response to players drowning in transmog items and wanting a haven for their nostalgia-inducing loot.

But with the game’s evolution — especially the transmog collection tab in 2015 — Void Storage lost some of its shine. Now, it’s a gold mine for sentimental souls. Anything you’d love to keep forever, even if you never use it again, finds a snug home here.

Remember, though, Void Storage isn’t a second bank. It’s a safe nook for stuff you’ll keep for the game’s lifetime for sentimental or style reasons. It’s not for your everyday gear, as anything stashed here loses all its bells and whistles.

What’s the Difference Between Void Storage and the Bank in WoW?

Void Storage is your shrine for items you adore but don’t always need handy. Unlike the bank, though, it isn’t free. Every time you pull something out, a bit of coin slips away.

Plus, when stored in Void Storage, your gear enters a minimalist phase — it sheds enchants, gems, and customizations. So, while the bank is free real estate, Void Storage is the secure vault for your WoW memoirs.