Blizzard Unveils the 2024 Roadmaps for WoW and WoW Classic

The WoW roadmap for 2024 is here, unveiling a vast array of exciting content expansions for players to jump in on.


Images via Blizzard

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Just in time for the holidays, Blizzard has unveiled the 2024 roadmaps for WoW and WoW Classic, laying out what players can expect from the upcoming year in all versions of the MMO.

With new expansions on the horizon, plenty of new updates, additions to Season of Discovery, and the game’s 20th anniversary coming, it’s going to be a busy yet bountiful year for players.

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Both WoW and Classic Will See Substantial Updates and New Content Coming in the New Year

Image via Blizzard

The new roadmaps paint a rather busy year for both versions of the popular MMO, with WoW and WoW Classic both receiving multiple major updates in the lead-up to their respective expansion launch.

For Retail, we will see three more content updates coming for the Dragonflight expansion. First is Seeds of Renewal, which will come with the Dragon Isle epilogues, the reclaiming of Gilneas, and several new features like follower dungeons and Dragonriding coming to the old world. Next is season 4 of PvP and Mythic + with some new open-world rewards and revisited Dragonflight raids; lastly, we have Dark Heart, which looks to be the setup for the upcoming expansion, The War Within, and bring Harbinger quests and Troll and Draenei Heritage Armor, as well as some other events and something called Timerunning: Pandamonium to the game.

Following that, the War Within pre-patch is set to arrive in early summer and bring new features like Warbands, Dynamic Flight, and World Events to the game before its full release later that summer, which will include the new zones, Hero Talents, Devles and much more, with a content update with more story and updates coming in Autumn. Lastly, we can expect to see the Alpha for The War Within in early Spring, with the Beta coming in early Summer just before the pre-patch release.

Image via Blizzard

As for Classic, that is also getting a hefty bit of love next year, with the Ruby Sanctum raid coming for Wraith of the Lich King Classic before we get into the Cataclysm, which will see it’s beta in Winter/Spring, with the pre-patch coming late Spring, and the full release coming in early Summer. There are also two updates coming later in the year for Rise of the Zandalari and Rage of the Firelands. As for Hardcore and Season of Discovery, Hardcore will be getting its self-found mode in early Spring, with Season of Discovery laying out the next phases for the year.

Phase 2 will be coming in late Winter, with the new level cap being 40, new runes, and the new PvP and Gnomeregan Raid. In Spring, we will get Phase 3, with the level 50 cap and new runes raid, with the final level increase coming in Summer, with endgame activities finally coming as players hit level 60. Following that, there will be one update to endgame activities in late Autumn.

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There are also some details they likely haven’t shared yet or have a few surprises in store, but by the looks of it, WoW is in for a major year in 2024, with not only all these updates but the game celebrating its 20th anniversary. For now, we will need to wait and look forward to the new year in Azeroth; it’s going to be a busy one.