How to get the Razor Sharp Charm in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

You can say goodbye to Xeno Gamma if you have the Iceborne expansion.

Image via Capcom

Razor Sharp/Spare Shot is one of the most useful skills in Monster Hunter World for gunners, and it’s not surprising that most (if not all) meta bowgun builds incorporate it. Spare Shot gives players a 20 percent chance of not consuming any ammo. If you’re a gunner, you shouldn’t leave home without it.

Before Iceborne, players were forced to use three pieces of endgame Xeno’jiiva Gama armor to get Spare Shot. To get it, players had to defeat an Arch-Tempered Xeno’jiiva three times to obtain the three-piece set bonus— a daunting task. An alternative would be running Lunastra weapons, which had a built-in version of the ability but removed build variety. Razor Sharp, its melee counterpart, didn’t see much use because of the Drachen Alpha’s Master’s Touch as a four-piece set bonus.

The new expansion gave players an easier way to obtain the skill. Instead of locking it to a three-piece set bonus only available with certain hard-to-get gear, Iceborne added the Razor Sharp/Spare Shot Charm. The item consumes a single slot in a build, which allows players plenty of freedom in deciding what armor to wear. Meta melee builds don’t favor Razor Sharp too often: players get better results with Master’s Touch, obtained with Teostra’s three-piece bonus. For gunners, however, Spare Shot is still an important (and arguably essential) part of their arsenal.

How to get the Razor Sharp Charm in Iceborne

Obtaining the Razor Sharp Charm is surprisingly easy and thankfully doesn’t pit you off against Lunastra or Arch-Tempered Xeno’jiiva. Getting it also takes two quests to complete—and you’ll finish one of them as part of the story. You can unlock the amulet after reaching Master Rank 15.

The first obstacle is completing the four-star, MR14 Assignment called “This Disintegrating Blade.” For this mission, you have to hunt down an Acidic Glavenus. It unlocks after defeating a Fulgur Anjanath as part of the story, or just three quests after repelling Velkhana for the first time. Remember that unlike its regular counterpart, the Acidic Glavenus is weak to Fire. Thunder and Dragon are also good alternatives if you don’t have fire weapons at your disposal, and raw damage builds can also pay off. Picking up monster tracks in the quest comes in handy for information and investigations.

Once you complete the quest, talk to the Housekeeper. You’ll gain a new MR15 side quest called “The Purr-fect Room: Light Iron.” This optional mission pits you off against yet another Acidic Glavenus, but this time, you need to capture it.

Researching it the first time around will help you be aware of its health percentage and may prevent you from killing the creature by mistake (accidents happen). Be on the lookout for its telling limp pattern: if it’s struggling to run away from you, it should mean that the monster is extremely low on health and vulnerable to capture. Just throw a trap, and a couple of tranq bombs and the mission should be over before you know it. This will also help gather Acidic Glavenus materials, since capturing monsters yields bonus rewards.

After finishing the quest, talk to the housekeeper once more. You’ll find the Razor Sharp charm inside your Item Box, and as a bonus, you’ll also gain a new decoration material for your room in Seliana.

The Razor Sharp charm provides great utility for all bowgun builds and adds significant room for creativity. A workaround to obtaining the charm is equipping a three-piece Nargacuga set to gain True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot. It has a bigger chance of not consuming your precious bolts, and players can obtain it earlier in the game, but the set lacks the versatility of the Charm.