Metro Exodus Is Complete, 4A Games Is Taking Time To Just Polish It

Metro Exodus Development Work Complete - 4A Games

Metro Exodus was initially slated to release in 2018, but before E3 it was unexpectedly delayed. The news came unanticipated, but it was clear that 4A Games and Deep Silver wanted to avoid the traffic in the Q4 launch window.

Today, we have a new confirm of it, as the Ukrainian developer revealed that the game has been already completed in terms of content – so it’s kind of reached the gold stage of development, although not officially – and they’re taking the 8 months left until the release to further polish it.

Metro Exodus Development Work Complete - 4A Games

"We've never shown Metro on a console this early before, and we felt like it was appropriate for showing off this content on Xbox One X in 4K – it's already there," executive producer Jon Bloch told Game Informer.

"Yes, we have some polish to go, and yes, there's still some performance stuff to nail, but it's already in good shape, so trust us when we say this extra time really is focused on polish. We're not still making the game at this point, we're smoothing it out."

So, the release date has been fixed on February 22, 2019, another window which has been suddenly filled with a lot, a lot of the other AAA games; a second delay wouldn’t come as a shocker, but that’s not something we hope for, of course.

Source: GameInformer

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