A Disney Dreamlight Valley glitch is letting players get rich, puts Kristoff in the red

Kristoff is a bad business owner.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you like money and are constantly buying items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you might take after Scrooge McDuck a bit too much. Since the game’s release back in September, Dreamlight Valley has seen its fair share of bugs, glitches, and crashes. While some of these have resulted in players losing all of their data, some bugs have been extremely beneficial. The latest bug that you can take advantage of lets you steal all of Kristoff’s money. It’s okay, you are his only customer anyway.

Since the release of the Missions in Uncharted Space update, you may have tried to purchase items from Kristoff’s Stall and got an error code that reads “NotEnoughItem.” Grammatical errors aside, this bug might have terrified you since it appears that you can’t purchase items from Kristoff anymore, however, this bug is actually beneficial. With it, you can instead purchase negative items from Kristoff’s shop, allowing you to gain a profit from his poor bookkeeping. That’s what he gets for letting Sven keep track of the finances. Anna would have been more reliable.

Take advantage of this astounding glitch while you can since it could disappear any day now. Of course, given the previous Disney Dreamlight record, there is no telling when Kristoff might fix this problem. Keep in mind that you could lose this money as the devs could refund all the money stolen from Kristoff when they fix the bug.