Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy VII Remake pop up in Epic Games Store’s database

Both games were discovered in a recent scrape.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS Plus

Image via Square Enix

A recent scrape of the Epic Game Store database has revealed listings for both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered. The listings were quickly spotted by Resetera users and collated into a list that includes some titles that still haven’t been released through the storefront.

Square Enix Japan is listed as the developer on the Final Fantasy VII Remake listings, of which there are a few. Of course, this doesn’t confirm that the game is definitely coming to PC, but it’s a strong indication that it’s heading that way. After all, Sony has published other PlayStation exclusives such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone on PC in the past. Many games launch across the Epic Game Store and Steam simultaneously, so this news doesn’t mean that Epic Games has secured exclusivity over the title whatsoever.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has just received its Intergrade upgrade. As a result, the game’s exclusivity to PlayStation consoles has been extended until December 2021, which is about the time Sony could make an announcement for the PC version’s release.

The more interesting news here is on Alan Wake Remastered. This version of the game is, at the time of writing, unannounced. According to these files, it looks like the game will support cloud saves, allowing users to carry progress between devices. Recent rumors have suggested that developer Remedy Entertainment is working on Alan Wake 2, funded by Epic Games. If true, it would make sense that the first game would be remastered first to bring long-time fans what they desire and introduce new players to the franchise.

The last time Alan Wake was seen, it was in Control’s AWE expansion. A DLC that intrinsically links both worlds, setting up events for the overall universe’s future.