ALGS Championship 2023 Attendees Clamber for Coveted Golden Nessies

Golden Nessies are selling fast at the ALGS Championship 2023, speaking to the popularity of the previously Japanese-exclusive plushie.

golden nessie algs champs 2023

Image via ALGS

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship 2023 is well underway, and onto Day 3 today. Teams have stepped up their game as they move into the elimination rounds, as have attendees looking to score some elusive plushies that have become the star of the merch stands.

Golden Nessie plushies have been selling faster than hotcakes in the breaks between matches during ALGS Champs 2023. In fact, so many have been sold in the first two days that they’re now only available in limited numbers for the rest of the event.

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ALGS Fans Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands on a Golden Nessie

green and golden nessie algs champs 2023
Image via ALGS

The Golden Nessie plushies were exclusive to Japan prior to the ALGS Championship 2023. Now, those attending the event are able to buy one outside of the region for the first time, and they’re understandably excited. So many fans have been buying these golden treasures that they’re only available in limited supply for the rest of the event.

After a flurry of interest, it seems as though the merch stands are starting to worry if they’ll have enough Golden Nessies to last until the Finals on Sunday. As a result, we’ve seen the staff holding back the plushies after a certain point. We had to reserve one for the following day when we attempted to purchase a Nessie of our own on Day 2.

These plushies were everywhere on Day 1 and 2 of the event. One fan even had a Golden Nessie nestled inside their hoodie while they stroked its head, which can be seen in the Day 1 stream. There are, of course, other colors of the plushie, with a Purple and Green Nessie available in much more abundance.

Nessie plushies are inspired by in-game items players have been collecting throughout Apex Legends’ past seasons. They’ve appeared in various locations across multiple maps, triggering in-game messages and even spawning a giant Nessie in specific map locations. This, coupled with the fact that some players boast a Nessie next to their monitor, is why fans are so eager to get their hands on the rare Golden variant.