All cosmetics in Fortnite update 14.30 – skins, back blings, wraps, emotes, and more

Looking good.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite update 14.30 has arrived, and as you might expect, it includes a lot of new cosmetics. Thanks to Lucas7Yoshi, we once again have lots of lovely images to look at.

We already knew about the new Daredevil skin, but that La Parca skin definitely looks neat. You can find pictures of all the new cosmetics from update 14.30 below. 

As always, it’s impossible to know when these will be coming to the shop, but the skins from 14.20 seemed to arrive weekly, so hopefully, it will be the same this time, especially as we edge closer to the Fortnitemares event, as a lot of the skins seems to be Halloween themed.


Back Blings


Harvesting tools and gliders

Music, Wraps, Loading Screens