Fortnite Chapter 4 cinematic teases debut of its map, motorcycles, and a MrBeast skin

The battle royale’s next map will be accompanied by some surprising visitors.

Image via Epic Games

Update, December 3, 5:33 PM ET: With Fortnite’s Fracture Event coming to an end, developer Epic Games has officially unveiled the previously-leaked cinematic. Aside from the cutscene, the new trailer has also provided key art displaying The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, Doom’s Doom Slayer, and antagonist Geno as incoming skins in Chapter 4 Season 1. If the key art follows the pattern of those from past seasons, players can expect these characters to be a part of the game’s next Battle Pass.

Additionally, the developer has also launched a new webpage for the battle royale, allowing players to enter coordinates for a chance to reveal objects that are on the Chapter 4 Season 1 map. As detailed by Twitter user iFireMonkey, these objects include motorcycles, which are now anticipated to launch alongside the new season as drive-able vehicles.

Original story: Although Fortnite has been quiet as to what its next seasonal update holds, leakers have allegedly already stumbled upon its upcoming Chapter 4 cinematic. As rumored, the footage points to the game receiving a brand new map with an assortment of diverse environments. More surprisingly, familiar faces, such as YouTuber MrBeast and Marvel’s very own Hulk, seem to be traveling to this never-before-seen island.

Just hours ahead of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Fracture Event, dataminers ralisdumb and GMatrixGames took to Twitter to publish what they claim is the debut cinematic for Chapter 4 Season 1. In the video, lead protagonist The Paradigm is shown watching the Zero Point attach several pieces of landmasses together in the center of space in order to create what is potentially the next chapter’s entire map. It is not clear what POIs are being pulled in, but it appears the map is split into a snowy mountain region and a lush, forest portion.

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed more than just locations being roped in by the Zero Point. For instance, the magical entity is briefly shown taking a hold of internet personality MrBeast, Doom protagonist Doom Slayer, as well as Marvel’s Hulk — the latter of which is also driving a motorcycle. This could mean fans may see the unlikely trio become skins. As developer Epic Games has yet to comment on the leak, this should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

via Ralisdumb’s Twitter

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For now, players should expect the Fracture Event to bring several twists to the battle royale’s lore. Fortnite’s official Twitter account has warned that those partaking in the event to not “fall to pieces… fight for the fate of the island.” If this leak is indeed real, the fight may not have such a happy ending for the game’s current locations after all. Event goers should know more in due time, as the next chapter is estimated to launch on Sunday, December 4.