Animal Cruelty or Innocent Fun: Final Fantasy 16’s Twitter Account Stretches Jhammel’s Neck For Likes

Should Square Enix release stretched-neck Jhammel as a new mount in Final Fantasy 16, or had this joke gone too far?

Image Source: Square Enix

In Final Fantasy 16’s realm, where mythical creatures roam and epic adventures unfold, one particular beastkin has caught the attention of the Twitterverse. The Jhammel, a solitary creature resembling the well-known dhalmels, has become the center of a hilarious online phenomenon.

The Final Fantasy 16 community thrives on social media, especially on Twitter, where players gather to share their experiences, discuss game updates, and engage with the official Final Fantasy 16 account, FF_XIV_EN. This account is the gateway to exciting news, fresh content, and occasional interactive surprises.

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However, today’s Twitter interaction took an unexpected turn. In a surprising thread, the FF_XIV_EN account declared that for every 2,000 likes received on their post, they would enlarge the Jhammel’s neck. Little did they know what they were getting themselves into.

Final Fantasy 16’s Twitter Account Takes a Crack at Yoga: Jhammel’s Neck Pays the Price

As the tweet spread like wildfire, fans and players joined forces, determined to stretch the Jhammel’s neck to unimaginable proportions. The official account, true to its word, updated the thread with pictures showcasing the ongoing transformation. It started innocently enough, with a slightly elongated neck, but things quickly spiraled out of control.

With the Final Fantasy 16 community’s massive support, the post swiftly reached a staggering 25,000 likes. As a result, the poor Jhammel’s neck has grown to astonishing heights, surpassing the scale of in-game mountains and towering over the Royal Menagerie. Currently, it’s checking out Limsa Lominsa’s market board prices. One can only imagine the creature’s struggle to maintain balance amidst such absurd proportions.

The news of this hilarious escapade has left players in stitches, sharing screenshots and memes of the elongated Jhammel across various platforms. Seeing a creature with an elongated neck stretching into the heavens has injected an unexpected dose of levity into the game’s usually severe and immersive world.

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The Final Fantasy 16 community has once again showcased its lighthearted and fun-loving spirit through a whimsical interaction on Twitter. The sheer enthusiasm and dedication of the players have resulted in an unforgettable spectacle. As the Jhammel’s neck continues to stretch with each passing like, the online realm eagerly awaits the next chapter in this delightful tale of absurdity and camaraderie.