Apex Legends has made over $2 billion in 3 years

Imagine how many packs that would get you.

Apex Legends Defiance

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Calling Apex Legends a success is an understatement: any battle royale game that lasts several years while constantly adding new characters and content is in a good position. As it turns out, the team hero shooter has been successful not just critically, but commercially too — to the tune of more than $2 billion.

The figure comes from EA’s latest fiscal earnings report, and page six spells it out. “Apex Legends is up over 40% for the year,” it reads, “taking it past the $2 billion milestone in lifetime net bookings.” Furthermore, the previous season was called “the most successful ever,” although specific numbers for it were not given.

It’s not a mystery how Apex Legends could achieve such a high milestone in earnings. Every new season includes a battle pass with new cosmetics and other content. While it’s possible to get the pass by earning enough in-game currency via challenges, many players will fork over real-world money when a new season drops. The same goes for new Legends like Newcastle, who launched as the face of Season 13: Saviors. For those who are curious, we have a handy guide for anyone looking to play Newcastle this time around.

Apex Legends launched in February 2019, so $2 billion in only three years is impressive. You should only expect that number to increase as the Apex universe grows. The earnings report mentions Apex Legends Mobile as one of EA’s “three key drivers of mobile growth,” and we know that it’s launching worldwide next week (players in certain countries have already been able to get it). It’s dropping onto global iOS and Android devices on Tuesday, May 17.

There are some major differences between the flagship game and Apex Legends Mobile, but the latter still creates an earning opportunity for EA. Exclusive Legend skins on mobile are incentives enough for some people to play and pony up the cash.