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Apex Legends players are convinced an overpowered character has been secretly nerfed

The game's gravity manipulator has been grounded after a recent update.

Apex Legends’ newly-released Spellbound Collection Event has given players everything from superhero-inspired skins to even a Showstoppers Heirloom for Seer. Although its patch notes also detail changes to its crafting rotation, it appears that developer Respawn Entertainment has also quietly adjusted the abilities of one Legend in the latest update. After a striking realization from one player, fans now believe that the gravity-defying Horizon is no longer as accurate as she once was.

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Content creator HisWattson caught players’ eyes shortly after the debut of the Spellbound event, sharing a video on Twitter showcasing how Horizon’s popular Gravity Lift Tactical has possibly been weakened. The footage points out that once the Legend activates the power and floats in midair, her weapon accuracy is severely decreased, so much so it seems impossible to hit targets that stand in place. Although Respawn has since not confirmed this to be an intended nerf, it will affect how players go about utilizing the Legend, especially as she was previously known to have pinpoint aim while using the move.

via HisWattson’s Twitter

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Once HisWattson’s video circulated around the internet, fans have expressed mixed reactions to the unlisted change. Reddit user tiddychef argued: “If Pathfinder and Octane can’t shoot accurately from their Ultimates, Horizon shouldn’t be able to from her Tactical.” However, others believe that Gravity Lift no longer serves a purpose. Redditor AVBforPrez responded to the footage writing, “What the [expletive] is the point of the ability if you can’t attack from it. This change just makes you a sitting duck for everybody.”

If the nerf does happen to be an unexpected bug, players may not have to wait long for the battle royale’s next update to fix the issue. Dataminers recently dug into game files that suggest Season 15 will receive yet another collection event in late January, allegedly named Celestial Sunrise. Its potential Legend and weapon adjustments are still unknown, though its menus point to it holding zodiac animal skins and a new Hardcore Royale LTM.

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