Apex Legends Season 16 gameplay trailer unravels Legend class perks and an array of colorful cosmetics

The incoming season looks to alter a handful of Legends’ gear and abilties.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends will undoubtedly look far different once Season 16: Revelry arrives on February 14. Earlier this week, it was revealed the battle royale is morphing into something much more, sunsetting its longstanding Arenas mode in favor of Team Deathmatch and a playlist full of LTMs. However, Legends are also in for some dramatic adjustments. A bevy of new perks and Legend ability reworks will be debuting in the season as well as bright gear from the incoming Battle Pass and collection event.

With the release of Season 16’s first gameplay trailer, it is now confirmed that each class in Season 16 will lend monumental perks to its Legends. For one, the footage displays Recon Legends like Vantage tracking nearby enemy locations through beacons, while Assault and Support characters can open an additional shelf in their respective Supply Bins. Gameplay footage also dispels that Skirmishers can see incoming Care Packages and their best loot from a distance, and Controller class members can view the next Ring from a new Ring Console object.

Players can also anticipate numerous modifications to Legends’ main movesets at the start of Season 16. Most notably, buffs will be incredibly kind to Mirage, as he and an ally will now have the power to be cloaked for three seconds after he revives them. Additionally, Mirage’s Life of The Party Ultimate will be able to track enemies who attack its decoys. As for major nerfs, Seer’s Heart Seeker will soon only lend information from its Heartbeat Sensor. Oddly enough, the patch will also decrease the aiming accuracy Horizon has when using their Gravity Lift — a returning nerf the Apex community has already taken issue with.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube

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Aside from abilties, almost every Legend will earn new cosmetics when Season 16 launches. The gameplay trailer has showcased a collection of neon skins in the Battle Pass, such as never-before-seen bright suits coming for Mirage, Bloodhound, and Rampart. The pass also arrives alongside Apex’s next Anniversary Collection event. Although its full set of cosmetics is unclear, the trailer points to it giving trios of Legends matching skins in order for squads to dawn the same design and color.

This massive batch of alterations to the battle royale does mean a new Legend will not come until at least Season 17, which many have claimed to be weapons expert Ballistic. In the meantime, there are still other new gameplay features to witness. Currently, the game is hosting a Valentine’s Day mode known as Date Night, which will have Duos chase after a powerful, limited-time Heart Stealer bow. However, those who have wanted a new weapon to stay for the long run have finally had their wishes answered with the Nemesis, an Energy-based burst assault rifle.