Arataki Itto’s voice lines from Genshin Impact leaked

The brutish Oni arrives.

Image via miHoYo

A landmine of Arataki Itto leaks has hit the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, revealing some voice lines about the brutish, red-horned Oni that’s on the way in Version 2.3. The leak has made waves online, with fans gushing over the voice lines. The topic is even trending on Twitter.

Currently, the voice lines for his birthday, a line about Gorou, a line about Thoma, and a line about Raiden, and more have been revealed. There’s also a humorous voice line of Itto imitating a hawk’s screech. As it stands, many of his lines are highly comical, further cementing his personality as buffoonish and childlike.

Itto also has a voice line about Ayato, further indicating that Kamisato Ayaka’s brother will be an upcoming playable character.

“I only wish I could’ve met Ayato sooner. He really taught me something; you can kindle the warrior spirit even in the weakest of bugs. Yup, I really took that one to heart. Ah, if it weren’t for those words of wisdom, I’m pretty sure I would’ve given up beetle fighting after losing for the 780th time. Yeah, I guess sometimes it takes a warrior to understand a warrior. When we’re playing trading card games or battling beetles, we’re always totally on the same wavelength.”