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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Notes 2 – Karlach’s Epilogue & Withers’ Wardrobe

Baldur's Gate Patch #2 brings an additional scene that provides a satisfying conclusion to Karlach's story among a host of bug fixes.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch #2 is just as colossal as the game’s first patch, bringing a slew of bug fixes to the title to help players immerse themselves evermore in Larian Studios’ epic. Among the highlights are a satisfying conclusion for Karlach, a wardrobe for Withers, reduced save game file sizes, and performance optimizations.

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There’s a lot to take in with these patch notes, as there was with Patch #1, though this time around, there are more nuanced changes based on smaller, more specific bugs that have been causing trouble since the game’s launch. We’ve broken down these patch notes below into segments that are easy to navigate through for users concerned with certain problems they’ve experienced in their current playthrough.

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Main Highlights

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The following are the big ticket items from Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch #2. These are fixes and improvements that all players will be eager to read about.


  • Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends has been added to the game. Through it, players can dismiss friends from their co-op party in their campaign.
  • Performance optimizations in all areas of the game have been added with this patch.
  • The size of save files for all versions of the game have been reduced.


  • This patch adds an additional scene to conclude Karlach’s story in which they choose to travel to Avernus.
  • If Karlach is in the player’s party at the end of the game, and the Blade of Avernus offers to go to the Hells with her, then players can now decide whether to go with them, go alone with Karlach, or allow them to go by themselves.
  • Karlach now has new scenes between moments in the story where she’ll reflect on the state of her engine.
  • There’s now a new moment for Karlach where she’ll reflect on whether her engine is going to fizzle out after accepting a second upgrade.


  • An issue causing the game to get stuck because a player character cannot be selected to end their turn has been fixed.
  • An issue in which players get stuck in dialogue by the Sword Coast Couriers with Angry Mar’hyah and Oyster Boy Dringo has been fixed.

UI Improvements

  • There is now a “delete all but most recent” option for each campaign to save a little storage space on devices.
  • New icons for equipped items have been added. This makes it easy to tell who has the item equipped and who is hoarding all of the good stuff.
  • Inventory now has item rarity filters.
  • Turn notifications now list which character’s turn it is.
  • Character summaries on the Level Up screen now update to reflect the ability score changes to make them easier to follow.
  • The active search list is now more informative and persists after being opened.
  • The action Radial will now show containers for spells created by others to make it easier to follow where they are.

Crashes & Blockers

These bug fixes are all about issues that block progression or crash Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • An issue blocking saving has been fixed.
  • A crash when finishing the character creation process has been fixed.
  • A crash caused when generating loot that can’t be picked up has been fixed.
  • A crash caused by switching between controller and keyboard and scrolling up and down in the credits has been fixed.
  • A crash caused by assigning an action to a radial menu slot has been fixed.
  • A crash caused by loading saves has been fixed.
  • A crash caused by selecting “pick up and add to wares” on the multiselection that includes a corpse has been fixed.
  • An issue blocking progress when trying to pick up a corpse from a container has been fixed.
  • Characters are no longer permanently deleted when placed into a container and that container is “yeeted” off the side of a cliff into an abyss. They will now float about as a resurrectable Soul Echo as players expect.
  • Players will now no longer get stuck if they disconnect during an active roll and then reconnect.
  • Players will no longer get stuck or die underneath the platform at the Adamantine Forge if they go to the camp, use the platform, and then return from their camp.
  • An issue caused by venturing forth when the passives tab is selected has been fixed.

Performance & Optimization

The following notes relate to improvements to Baldur’s Gate 3 in optimization for PC and overall performance.

  • Optimizations have been made across the game to improve performance and stability.
  • CUP load has been improved.
  • Controller-related performance improvements have been implemented.
  • Moving around the world on controller has been improved.
  • Decal creation and surface texture have been moved to worker threads.
  • Loading shroud textures have been moved to worker threads.
  • AI flooding has been limited when AI can use a nearby AI hint.
  • Minimap performance has been improved.
  • The controller map has been optimized by removing some duplicate items.
  • Changes to make loading save games from older versions of Baldur’s Gate 3 significantly faster have been made. These changes will ensure this process is speedy in all future patches and hotfix versions.
  • Unnecessary calls for the hotbar to update that were causing stuttering have been removed.
  • The tooltips popups when hovering over things like items and spells have been slightly delayed. This helps the game to avoid loading them unnecessarily. The delay is now set at 200 milliseconds to keep it performant without being unreactive.
  • Optimizations for selectable elements on controller have been made.
  • An irrelevant sound analytics even has been removed for optimization.
  • A memory leak caused by opening the inventory with a controller connected has been fixed.
  • A memory leak caused by streaming textures has been fixed.
  • Velocity vectors have been written to help with overall visual quality. For example, when using TAA to reducing visual aliasing.


The following bug fixes and changes are all about the UI in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hotbar and HUD

  • The icons for the number of unlocked and available spell slots players have are now more intuitive.
  • The issue causing hotbar sliders to disappear when changing characters while sliding them has been fixed.
  • The portraits of summons not fitting in their frames in the party line have been fixed so they now fit.


  • The light source tooltip has been fixed to better clarify the purpose of the slot.
  • The duplicate close prompt when the equipment popup is shown as been removed.
  • The layout for equipment slots on character sheets in splitscreen play has been tweaked.
  • The weight of a character’s inventory will now update if they are being carried inside of a character’s inventory and they gain an item.


  • Portraits in the turn order sometimes disappearing under specific conditions have been fixed.
  • The issue causing the combat log not to show attack damage rolls after loading a save game has been fixed.
  • An issue causing advantage and disadvantage indicators to display in combat and dialogue rolls even if the character didn’t have them has been fixed.
  • The combat log now records all items looted from corpses.
  • Health bar animations have been fixed.
  • The issue with the Unbreakable Will of the Netherbrain missing its character portrait in its examine panel has been fixed.
  • The issue causing the saving throw overhead icon to appear over dead characters has been fixed.
  • The issue causing attack roll bonuses to be duplicated as penalties underneath the turn order UI in combat has been fixed.
  • The reaciont tooltips have been added to so they better explain if the reaction is enabled and whether it’s set to ask before triggering or not. The resource type (reaction) now definitely appears in this tooltip.
  • The ask icon for reactions is now only available when reactions are enabled.


  • A fix for the issue causing the learn more spells button to open a window for the currently selected character instead of the character whose character sheet was selected has been fixed.
  • The hardcoded text saying “manage powers” can now be translated.


  • The dialogue history UI no longer cuts off names if there were many characters speaking at once.
  • Quest categories and entries in the journal now remember if players have expanded or collapsed them for better consistency.


  • A mouse-over lable has been added to the Balance Offer button in the bater UI system to add more clarity.


  • Conditions for nested tooltips to show on pinned tooltips have been fixed.
  • the Eldritch Blaast tooltip has been updated to include the Agonising Blast’s charisma modifier bonus.


  • Save games now shoe the difficulty setting of that playthrough.
  • Save games now record player character’s name even if they’re polymorphed. This will prevent sheep, spider, and other animal save games unless those are the character’s name.
  • The text in theload/save window has been updated to fit.


  • The keybinds menu has been organised into categories to make it more user-friendly.
  • The options menu has been reworked and reordered to make it more intuitive.
  • The options menu will now close when players enter dialogue.
  • The issue with the reset tutorials button not working correctly in the options menu has now been corrected.

Character Creation & Level Up

  • The Level Up animation can now be skipped.
  • The issue with the Level Up banner being overlapped by the class icon has been fixed.
  • The issue with the Level Up UI sometimes disappearing when levelling up has been fixed.


  • The issue casuing the UI to disappear after speaking to Blurg has been fixed.
  • Some non-player-facing conditions and passives have been shored up so they don’t appear.
  • the context menu animation is now snappier and the background has a brighter and neater appearance.
  • Tutorial popups are aligned better and brighter.
  • An issue causing the change difficulty screen to fade a little too late and showing brielfy on the main menu has been fixed.
  • An issue causing text to overlap for bonus names in the active rolls UI has been fixed.
  • An issue for some of the text in the alchemy UI in translated languages being cut off has been fixed.
  • The ping action text prompt saying “empty” when targetting containers has now been fixed.


All of the changes in this section are meant to help those players that prefer diving into Baldur’s Gate 3 with a controller.


  • Shortcut menu and character selection are now available from the action radial menu.
  • Fast travel is now in the cahracter radial menu.
  • The shortcut and jump actions now have shortcuts.
  • A delay has been added to selecting items in the radial menu to avoid selectng something after that choice or moving the camera.
  • the maximum number of radial menus has been limited.
  • A fix for a few ritual spells not being marked as such on the radial menu has been implemented.
  • An issue causing tooltips to show in the radial menu even with nothing selected has been fixed.
  • Additional error messages for the radial menu have been added.
  • New warnings for those playing on controler have been added to explain why ceertain actions can’t be performed.
  • Spell variants now appear at the top of the action radial to make everything more user-friendly.
  • A missing icon for Heal in the radial menu has been added.

Character Sheet

  • The character sheet has been vastly improved, including oom capabilities, updating lists of styles, the XP bar, and equipment slots ave been improved. There’s also now an indicator for the character’s main ability.
  • An issue with the light source menu not filtering light sources correctly has been fixed.
  • A brief description for what reactions are has been added.
  • An issue with abbreviations for spells not fitting in Russian translations has been fixed.
  • Clipping and overlapping in the character sheet has been fixed.
  • The consume action has been moved to the context menu, and the equip action has been restored as the default in the inventory panel.
  • The prompt to show tooltips in character shet filters has been fixed, and the background of the slots increasing if the text is too long has also been fixed.
  • Issues with character sheet navigation when using filters have been fixed.
  • The popup will no longer be closed when players equip an item from the equipment slot popup in the character sheet.
  • Tooltips for checking equipment slots have been slightly repositioned.
  • Missing tooltips in the character sheet have been added.

World Interaction

  • The active search menu now shows the state of containers. For example, if they’re empty.
  • A small issue in cursor error messages has been fixed.
  • The issue causing the ping action not to exit the ping state when pressing left stick has been fixed.
  • An issue with the examine panel not scrolling properly on objects or characters with multiple resistances has been fixed.
  • It’s now possible to inspect more items in the examine panel and see more details.
  • The examine panel sleector has been polished and some portraits hav been added.
  • the context menu can now be navigated using the D-pad.


  • Overlapping text and fading UI ion the party line and resource bars have been fixed.
  • An issue preventing players from grouping or splitting summons when they only have one party member available has been fixed.
  • The arrow icon on D-pad button prompts hav been removed.
  • Button prompts have been updated and lok more consistent.
  • A background image for luck points has been added.
  • An issue with the long rest button prompts falling off the edge of the screen or overlapping others, especially in translated texts, has been fixed.
  • A fix for buton prompts overlapping the resource bar in turn-based mode has been fixed.
  • Button prompts at the bottom of the screen have been cleaned up to make them more consistent.
  • The action resource bar has been improved with position and color changes. The movement indicator has been reworked as well to account for larger numbers. The icon width has also been inceased to avoid any stretching.


  • An issue causing spells with variants not being castable from spell scrolls has been fixed.
  • Overflowing text in the spellbook has been fixed.
  • The appearance of default spells and prepared spells in the spellbook ahve been updated so they don’t look inaccessible.
  • More information about when it’s possible and not possible to change spells has been added.


  • It’s now more obvious if a character is on low health at the start of their turen in combat.
  • It’s now possible to attack stalactites with ranged spells.
  • the reactions UI has been tweaked.
  • Surface information on the cursor on controller has been added and some of the cursor target dtails have been rearranged. A new overlay has been added for when the D-pad is held down, and new action prompts are now in the game in combat.
  • The combat log’s readability has been improved with less empty space.
  • Reactions that are turned off can still be seen but are greyed out.


  • Many tooltips have been altered to avoid text falling off them.
  • A number of tooltip improvement shave been made, including ne wicons, general tidying with font sizes and icons, a fix for the inspect prompt, adding the right color and icon for the equipped line, and new frames, footers, and header styles.
  • Tooltips will now show if they’re turned off or on.
  • The placement of tooltips for open containers has been tweaked.
  • An issue causing tooltips to show up in dialogue whle dialogue options are still hidden ahs been fixed.
  • An issue casuing the width of fixed tooltips to change when sleected has been fixed.


  • The filter popup in the trade UI will now close when pressing the cancel button.
  • The issue causing the trade button prompts to overlap the split item button prompts has been fixed.
  • An issue casuing the treader attitude to not show up in the trade UI has been fixed.

Character Creation & Level Up

  • It’s now possible to zoom in and out and rotate a character when choosing their name in character creation.
  • It’s now possible to access multiplayer settings uduring character creation.
  • An issue with scrolling in the prepare spells section of Level Up while using a controller has been fixed.
  • Character creation sometimes becoming obscured by tooltips on controller has been fixed.
  • A grid icon and button prompt on character creation screens has been added to open up. agrid for controller users.
  • When in splitscreen, if one player is messing with their character creator and another is watching an origins character’s story, they’ll no longer interrupt each other.
  • Spell tooltips in character creation now always have the same horizontal alignment.
  • the alignment of chevrons in the character creator has been fixed.


  • The enter invite code texbox for direct connect issue with it being cleared when selected has been fixed.
  • General visual improvements for controller UI have been made.
  • The scrolling and cropped text in the journal have been fixed.
  • New information about how long controller users must press and hold has been added.
  • Issues with navigating dialogue history UI have been fixed.
  • the layout of the save/load window has been updated with in-game locations for quicksaves and autosaves, and it’s now possible to see save game names.
  • Line heights in the multiplayer lobby and options menus have been updated to save space and a need for scrolling.

Multiplayer UI

The following changes all affect Baldur’s Gate 3’s multiplayer UI.

  • An issue causing secondary local playes not to have quest, location, or secret map markers has been fixed.
  • Some host error messages on client screens have been fixed.
  • Dialogue interface settings liek font size are now applied to both players in splitscreen play.
  • Combat feed can now be enabled on splitscreen.
  • An issue with some of the UI getting cut off when a player is in the multiplayer settings in splitscreen has been fixed.
  • An issue with button prompts being mirrored when connecting a secondary player has been fixed.
  • An empty notification showing when another player starts their splitscreen has been fixed.
  • Multiselection for containers in splitscreen has been fixed.
  • An issue with splitscreen not hiding when fullscreen UI is opened has been fixed. the turn order UI on splitscreen has been fixed.


This next set of fixes is all linked to the gamepay in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • If players dismiss a character from camp and shove them into a chasm, they can now be resurrected by Withers and thrown over the chasm again.
  • Clicking a party member’s portrait or position on th eminimap now focuses on them and selects them.
  • Client-server inconsistencies for attack of opportunity have been fixed.
  • An issue causing a character’s soul echo to appear where they didn’t die as been fixed.
  • An issue with projectiles not waiting for items to leave inventories has been fixed.
  • An issue with helmets causing characters to lose their hair after dialogue caused by the hide durng dialogue option has been fixed.
  • The portal to the House of Hope will no longer decide if it wants to be invisible or not.
  • An issue with complex ide animations not starting has been fixed.
  • Falling items now leave turn-based mode and re-enter once they’ve dropped to avoid having them float in mid-air.
  • The examine option has been removed from items that shouldn’t have it.
  • An issue causing knocked down characters to play their knocked down animation every time they appear in frame has been fixed.
  • An issue with the fall damage number preview not always matching how much damage character actually take has been fixed.
  • An issue with edge panning not workign as intended when the camera is locked on a party member has been fixed.
  • An issue with reactions not always working while using sneak and casting silence or using Astarions Vampire Bite action has been fixed.
  • The starting search radius of active search has been increased, and the camera moves to the selected item. Players now get an active search hint after every combat at level 3.
  • The tutorial popup for trapped items won’t display each time players visit something with a destroyed trap now.
  • An issue causing the option to pickpocket companions to disappear in single player has been fixed.
  • An issue preventing players from splitting stacks outside of their turn has been fixed.
  • An issue causing players to not be able to enter turn-based mode with a downed character has been fixed.
  • An issue causign items to briefly show up under a character’s feet when being picked up has been fixed.
  • Animations showing characters quickly turn towards the player right before dialogue has been fixed.
  • An issue causing the lava VFX to disappear when loading a save in the fight with Grym has been fixed.

Combat & Balance

All the changes below have been made to improve combat and balance in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • An improvement has been made to avoid NPCs making inneficient choices in combat.
  • Ansur’s Stormheart Nova no longer blasts through ice shields players can hide behind.
  • Agressive beasts will now jump into combat instead of fleeing when attacked from range. Smaller enemies are now more likley to run up to the player to fight instead of sticking where they are.
  • An issue with resources not being restored on the next turn when joining combat has been fixed.
  • Viconia will now go down at 0HP or when knocked out.
  • The Chamber of Courage timer now reflects the coreect number of choices players have left.
  • The issue with certain spells not taking inherited conditions into account has been fixed.
  • the grace period for joining combat late has been adjusted to the end of world items’ turn in the initial round.

Flow & Scripting

All of these next changes are about optimizing the flow and scripting of Baldur’s Gate 3’s story.

  • An issue with story-critical characters not starting dialogue when silenced has been fixed.
  • Another issue causing all characters to be silenced after every dialogue has been fixed.
  • If paladins break their oaths, the Oathbreaker Knight will now visit their camp in later acts no matter how much they’ve been scandalised.
  • Companion dialgoue not playing in specific situations has been fixed.
  • An issue with only the character who accepted the quest to find Dribbles from Lucretious could talk to her has been fixed.
  • Gale now always reacts to The Annals of Karsus.
  • Gale’s force close when offering The Annals of Karsus has been fixed.
  • Gale’s romance scene should now always trigger in Act 1 if players have met the requirements.
  • Gale’s comment about a deal with Raphael before it’s been made is now fixed.
  • Orin’s abductee will now remain dead if they’re killed on the altar before they’re rescued.
  • Kerri won’t get trapped anymore if the dialogue didn’t trigger after the portrait was destroyed.
  • An issue with enemies spawning at the Atelier at the Jannath Estate if the portrait is hit has been fixed.
  • Rescued prisoners that take the boat from Moonrise Towers will no longer try to arrest the player in Last Light.
  • A bug causing Astarion to be permanently knocked out by the vampire spawn during a camp night and disappearing after a long rest has been fixed.
  • An issue with Gortash having a dialogue bubble over his head after being knocked out but not triggering dialogue has been fixed. He’s now lootable.
  • An issue where Ravenguard would disappear from camp if Mizora suspected him has been fixed.
  • Any players using Dark Urge will now turn into the Slayer at the correct level during the duel with Orin.

Level Design & Map

All of the following changes relate to level design and the map in Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay.

  • Issues with the fog of war causing artefacts to appear in the bottom right of the screen have been fixed.
  • The issue with the map shroud not working ocrrectly in one area of the Goblin Camp has been fixed.
  • A bug preventing players from walking on certain items has been fixed.

Steam Deck

All of these changes are specifically for the Steam Deck build of Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Default video options have been reworked to allow for the platform to define them. Steam Deck now defaults to 16:9.
  • Settings will now default to speed set to max and auto-rotate camera. This is better for the handheld experience according to Larian Studios, and we can confirm it does work better.


these changes fix up the cinematics in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Some mocap in dialogues across the game have been cleaned up and sorted out.
  • Healing numbers no longer appear in the cinematic in the Dank Crypt if players press the button.
  • Gortash won’t be floating in the air when taking the final Netherstone from Orin.
  • When kissing Wyll on the ground, a character’s head won’t clip into his anymore.


The only fix for this section of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 2 notes is that some tex has been fixed up, including things like typos.

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