Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Want Meaty Merch For Snacks & Smacks

After an internal marketing joke from Larian Studios was shared online, fans and developers alike are demanding meat-based merch.

meat withers baldurs gate 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Players adore Baldur’s Gate 3 for the freedom it offers to be whoever they want in a fantasy setting – where anything is possible and finding surprises or clever dialogue is one new choice away. It encourages players to seek out new opportunities, and today, that’s turned into a sausagefest.

Ever since it was first released, players haven’t stopped playing or talking about Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve spent hundreds of hours playing and replaying the game while discussing yet another new scenario none of us had encountered yet. There’s simply no way to get enough of it, even if we had all the merch in the world. That’s why it was silly for the development team to share an internal joke, because now all players want is edible meat merch and in-game sausage weapons.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Demand a Salami Sword and “Larian Meat”

Baldur’s Gate 3’s fan base has only grown since the game was first released in August this year. After winning Game of the Year and releasing for Xbox consoles, it’s now more popular than ever. While there is a collector’s edition on the way, Larian Studios is looking into creating more merch for players to buy, but it’s had an unintended consequence.

Today, Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing shared their silly frustration about how the development team was demanding meat-based products as merchandise. We’re sure they expected players to share the laugh, but they probably didn’t expect that demand to grow.

“You know exactly why they want this. Now give us the euro artisinal meats!” Most fans have leaned into the joke and are now demanding that Larian Studios gives them something tasty and Baldur’s Gate 3-themed to purchase. “You all came up with a GOTY game with endless possibilities that includes licking spider meat, druid wildshape sex, squid sex, walking in on a bug bear and ogre at it and you are wondering why your team wants weird merch things. Dude. My dude.”

Our favorite reply provided the best Baldur’s Gate 3 meal name of all time. “Baldur’s Bolognese better be officially trademarked after today.” But it’s not just meaty merch that players are after. Some want replica items from the game they could use as a weapon.

“We need the official Baldur’s Gate 3 Salami stick. For supplies and combat.” This is probably one of the most lore-friendly suggestions because, as all Baldur’s Gate 3 players know, meat can be used as a thrown weapon.

Of course, some players can’t stop being thirsty for Astarion, even when it comes to a discussion about edible game merchandise. “Gonna wait for the Billy Bear Astarion.” While this merchandise almost certainly never would have happened before hundreds of hungry fans demanded it, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Larian Studios bring out a range of Baldur’s Gate 3 charcuterie merchandise in the future.