Belts won’t be fully removed in Final Fantasy XIV, but they will no longer be equipable or obtainable

Belts will remain in the game, however, they will be useless.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV Online have known the game will be removing belts in its upcoming 6.0 Patch for a while now. Players have been wondering what will happen to the belts they already have in the game. It turns out that belts won’t be fully removed from the game, however, they will become unobtainable and will no longer be equipable following Patch 6.0.

When belts can no longer be equipped, the Armoury Chest slots that are there for the belts will be reallocated to primary weapons and rings. Belts slots on other things like on your characters, retainers, and mannequins will be removed. Crafting recipes for belts will also disappear.

Players will no longer be able to use coffers that contain belts, but they can still sell them to shop vendors. With that said, Players won’t be able to buy or sell belts on the market board. Players who have sold belts on the market board before the patch will remain on the market, yet people will no longer be able to purchase or search for belts. That means players will have to remove their belts on the market board. Players will also no longer be able to repair and craft belts after the patch.

Belts you already own will remain in the game though. The belts you have equipped, the belts equipped by retainers, and the belts in your Armoury Chest will be given to the Calamity salvage once the patch goes live. Players can retrieve their belts at any time from the salvage if they wish. Calamity Salvage can also exchange the Sped Belts from Eureka Pagos for an equivalent ring. The Calamity salvage can be located at the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa, Old Gridania, and the Steps of Thal. Belts in the personal and retainer inventories, as well as in saddlebags, will remain untouched.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.0 will be part of the Endwalker expansion that is scheduled to release on November 23.