BG3 Fans Watch In Horror As Favorite Characters Attempt Childcare

A Baldur’s Gate 3 fan has imagined what child-care would look like when preformed by the squad. The results are alarming.

Astarion Smiling Baldur's Gate 3

Screenshot By Gamepur

Nothing spells adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 than giving the quirky cast of characters a goal and watching them try to accomplish it. While this normally entails a trip to the Underdark or a persuasion check in the Emerald Grove, one fan has taken it a step further – putting the team in charge of an infant.

Few Baldur’s Gate players would look at their tadpole-infested teammates and think babysitting is a particularly excellent skill to add to their resumes, but imagining how they would tackle certain situations has provided more than one fan a proper giggle.

Nothing Says Babysitting Like Tea Time With Astarion

In a post shared by Larian Studios on Twitter, originating from creator Suzy, the Baldur’s Gate 3 fan imagines what would happen if various members of the squad were left to provide basic needs for an infant. While Karlach, Gale, Halsin, and Shadowheart seem to have some solid skills, Wyll, Lae-zel, Astarion, and Minthara leave something to be desired.

The image shows the squad tackling complex puzzles like drying, exercising, bonding with, and feeding a Tiefling baby. The meme seems to take inspiration from the popular Wiki How tutorials that explain basic processes for those needing quick solutions. However, some of the tactics used to care for the unsuspecting infant are a bit startling to look at.

Fans in the comments are completely blown away, with one stating “That’s certainly something Astarion would do”, and another adding, “Every time I see Lae’zel memes she’s always unhinged”. Other players remark on how players shouldn’t judge the unique parenting styles of the Forgotten Realms.

While childcare isn’t on the agenda while battling Mindflayers and escaping dank prisons in Baldur’s Gate 3, this funny meme sure puts things into perspective. It might also be something to consider when choosing a romantic partner on your next journey through the story.