Blizzard Embraces Diablo 4 Beta Community Feedback With New Changes

Reworked Diablo IV dungeons and class tweaks were the main points the developers worked to address from community feedback.

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Diablo VI’s beta weekends were a massive success. The game was played for a whooping 61 million hours over its two weekend beta tests, and players seemingly enjoyed what the game had to offer. Like most betas, there was also the chance for Blizzard to get some valuable feedback and information from players and see what can be improved.

With that said, Blizzard has taken pointers on board and revealed a slew of changes it will make to Diablo VI before the game launches on June 6, ranging from class balancing, quality of life changes, and the biggest and most requested area, Dungeons.

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Diablo IV dungeons get major rework while classes see buffs & nerfs

Screenshot via Blizzard

In a recent blog post, Blizzard laid out the changes it would be making to Diablo VI following fan feedback, the most notable being Dungeons. The main criticism was the amount of backtracking required to progress and complete the side objective. To address this, multiple dungeons have seen reworked layouts, and players and allies will now receive a movement speed buff when carrying objects needed to complete objectives.

In addition, dungeon events have had their spawn rates increased from 10% to 60%, as well as other tweaks such as faster rescue times when helping NPCs and doors making a ping on players minimaps for easier tracking, to name a few. Alongside these changes, Cellars will now give Chests on completion and have more events occur.

Regarding classes, Barbarians get a nice buff with a flat 10% damage reduction and buffs to the Whirlwind and Double Swing Skills, making them a more brutal melee fighter. Druids will also have some increases to Companion Skills and have reduced Ultimate cooldowns, as well as some other improvements.

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On the other hand, magic users got a couple of nerfs. Sorcerers now deal less damage with Chain Lighting, and Necromancers Minions die quicker and will now deal less damage with Corpse Explosion. Rogues are the least affected, with only some changes to cooldowns for imbuement skills and reworks of passive skills. To round it out, they also laid out several quality-of-life changes, such as bug fixes and tweaks to encounters like the Butcher.

All these changes will hopefully work to make the game a better experience for players, and with the game releasing on June 6, it’s not too long till we see them in action.