Blizzard Warns Diablo 4’s Battle Passes Add Quests not Story Expansions

New questlines will be themed around each season.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo VI, the long-awaited new entry to the series, will take on a live service approach to its post-game content, with a Battle Pass system and plenty of endgame activities for players to participate in, including some story-based content.

With all that said, the series lead from Blizzard, Rod Fergusson, has quickly managed fan expectations regarding this news and has provided some details on what we can expect from Diablo VI’s seasonal content.

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Diablo IV’s new quests will be based on Seasons

In an interview with PC Gamer, associate game director Joe Piepiora provided details on what we can expect from the game after launch, most notably how each season and Battle Pass would work. He stated that each season’s Battle Pass will have around 80 hours of gameplay and noted, “To level a character to level 100 could take a little longer than that based on how you play.” In another interview that appeared in the Game Informer magazine, he stated that these seasons would have story content, which led to Fergusson taking to Twitter to clarify.

In the tweet, Fergusson explains that the new story added in each season will consist of new questlines based on that season’s new mechanics and will not be new campaigns or larger stories. He also confirmed in a follow-up tweet that these new quests will be free each season and won’t require players to purchase the Battle Pass to play through them. However, we will see paid expansions for the game in the future, which will likely include new storylines for players to undertake.

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With only a few months to go, players don’t have much longer to wait until the game is in our hands, and given the success of the beta, it looks like many players will be returning to Sanctuary when Diablo VI releases on June 6. Those who order the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions can jump in from June 2 with early access. Diablo VI will be available on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC