Blizzard Outlines The History Of Diablo In New Sanctuary Timeline

A quick recap of the series.

Image via Blizzard

The Diablo series has been around for a long time, with its first game released way back in 1997, and since then, it’s gone on to spawn multiple sequels, with the newest entry Diablo IV just a few months away. With so much lore and bits of story surrounding the game, it can be tricky to remember what has happened in previous titles.

Thankfully, the Diablo Twitter account has come to the rescue today and shared a small and concise timeline laying out the major events that have happened in the world of Diablo and its setting Sanctuary.

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“A Brief History of Sanctuary” details Diablo’s Eternal Conflict

The official Diablo Twitter posted four images that detail the key moments in the game’s history, starting with the formation of Heaven and Hell. These two entities began an unending war against one another called the Eternal Conflict, which saw them slaughter each other in constant battle. Amid the chaos, an archangel named Inarius is captured and meets the demon Lilith. The two would eventually fall in love and vowed to escape the Eternal Conflict they both saw as unjust, leading to the creation of Sanctuary and the Nephalem.

From there, it jumps to the year 964, the first recorded moment in the world’s history, and details other critical moments in the history of Diablo, including the appearance of the Lesser Evils, the banishment of the Prime Evils, Diablo, Ball, and Mephisto to Sanctuary, and the formation of the Horadrim to fight the Prime Evils. It then also details each of the games in the series and their crucial story moments, such as Diablo’s defeat in Diablo I, the breaking of the Worldstone, all the way up until now with Liltith returning to Sanctuary to set her plans in motion.

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The newest game in the series takes place in the year 1336, more than 50 years after the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and we can imagine there will be details and lore in Diablo IV that will expand and detail what has happened in that time.

Players don’t have long to wait until they can dive into Diablo IV’s story and see what comes next for the world of Sanctuary, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like it will be an epic tale. Diablo IV releases on June 6 for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, with those who order the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions able to play from June 2 with early access.