Blue Protocol network test coming at the end of March, if you are in Japan

Players may finally get a chance to see the game in action.

Image via Bandai Namco.

Since its announcement, many players have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Genshin-like ARPG Blue Protocol but have so far been left in the dark about the game’s release, with only a vague window of 2023 to go on. However, those wanting to get a taste of what the game will offer will get their chance soon, as developer Project Blue Sky has announced a network test will take place at the end of March — if you are a Japanese player that is.

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The network test will run from March 31 at 2 pm JST to April 2 at 10 pm JST, and players can preload the client before the test begins. There are currently no official details on what content will be available in the test, which will be shared closer to the date. The test is currently only set to take place in Japan, but those who can’t wait and are willing to risk it could try using a VPN to get access and will need to have been provided a key for the test by signing up. However, if the developers find out, this could lead to you having your account or IP banned, so do this at your own risk.

This test has been a long time coming for both the developer and fans, having been delayed twice from its initial January window due to a fundamental bug with the game. With this new date announced, we should hopefully see this test finally see the light of day and get some more details on what the game is, including gameplay, story, and the Gacha elements. Those interested in the game can also test their PC to see how the game will run, thanks to a recently released benchmark tool that will score your rig on how well it will run the game.