Destiny 2 Override activity guide – Season of the Splicer

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer introduces a new activity called Override. This six player activity involves crawling into the Vex dimension and having a good poke around inside their reality. There will be three different Override events in total, on Europa, The Moon, and Tangled Shore.

The currently active Override event it Override Europa, so this guide will focus on that. Additional information that is specific to the other events will be added when they go live in the game.

Override Europa

Section 1

The Override event is broken into three distinct segments. The first segment involves taking on waves of enemies and trying to open a portal. There will be an area to deposit motes, and waves of enemies will spawn in all around it. Killing the enemies will drop the motes. When you deposit enough motes, the Vex pillar in the center will go into lockdown and you will need to kill blocker enemies that spawn in. When all the blockers are dead, a number of Vex energy cubes will spawn in around the central pillar. Destroy the red ones and a series of platforms will spawn in. Climb to the top and interact with the top of the pillar to reset it.

You need to complete this sequence three times, which the enemies slowly but surely getting more difficult to deal with.

Section 2

This is pretty much an obstacles course, as players need to jump through various platforms and dangerous beams of energy to get to the central area. When one person does it, the rest of the team will be pulled to them, so don’t worry if you are bad at jumping portions.

Section 3

The third section is the boss fight portion, and will take place when players get through the jumps to the central area. In Europa, this boss is Tacticus, Subjugated Mind. This is a Wyvern and is as scary and annoying to deal with as all Wyverns in the game. Damage the boss until they transport to the central platform and become immune.

After that, search around for an enemy called Scytal who will appear on the platform. Taking them out will make them drop a data spike that can be taken to the Vex construct at the front of the platform. Deposit the spike and then take out all the Vex cubes to open up another damage phase against the boss.

You should also keep an eye open for an enemy called the Network Anomaly that can appear, as killed them will earn you Decrypted Data. When the boss is dead, be sure to open the Conflux chest and normal chest to get your loot.