Bungie outlines extensive ability changes coming to Destiny 2’s classes for Lightfall, preparing players for countless builds

More ability changes are on the way for every class in Destiny 2.

Image via Bungie

Bungie cannot let up on Destiny 2 players as we’re weeks away from the Lightfall expansion. Yesterday, we were given an insightful treat regarding Strand, the new element and class coming to Destiny 2 in Lightfall, with Bungie breaking down all the major keywords and a handful of abilities players can expect to see. Now, we’re getting an inside look at some of the extensive changes Bungie will be making to multiple classes in Destiny 2, unlocking the potential for countless builds for players to try.

The blog post comes from Bungie’s official website, where they share the work they’ve done upgrading each element to its current 3.0 state and where they plan to take it when Lightfall arrives.

One of the first things Bungie touches on is their tuning of the core character stats. They’re planning to tone down the ability regeneration from Discipline, Strength, and Class Ability stats, changing around the Ability Energy economy, with hopes to scale it back to what it was before their 30th Anniversary Pack arrived in December 2021, meaning players won’t be using their abilities as often during combat. However, the team is hoping that, while they plan to scale this back, Legendary armor can now have up to three mod slots that should make up for it.

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Some of the biggest changes outlined by Bungie in this post are the various tools they’re adding to the Guardian classes when Lightfall arrives, with new fragments. Players will need to unlock these ability fragments when they become available following the release of Lightfall, and Bungie is hoping that by adding them to the core game, players can include them in their upcoming builds to make up for anything they’re taking out when the game updates for Lightfall. Additionally, how Bungie handles the Super changes might appeal to players, making it so Roaming Supers might have more use in PvE situations.

These changes were made to give players more variety in their builds, especially with the sweeping changes coming to Destiny 2’s buildcrafting system. This should provide a good amount of variety for players to consider when operating their new builds, but we’ll need to see how this all works in practice, especially with the upcoming loadout addition. We’ll have the chance to try it for ourselves when Lightfall launches on February 28.