Destiny 2 Strand abilities unveiled by Bungie, giving players more versatility and Darkness powers when Lightfall arrives

Guardians are Stranding by.

Image via Bungie

The highly anticipated new ability coming to Destiny 2 is Strand, a Darkness power that Guardians are set to discover in the Lightfall expansion. It’s the second Darkness-based element arriving to players after Statis was added in Beyond Light. Today, Bungie showed off a flashy trailer highlighting the many ways players can expect to use these abilities when they become available, such as using them as a grappling hook and controlling enemy movement during a fight.

The Destiny 2 trailer was shared on Bungie’s official YouTube page. This has been a part of the weekly content Bungie has been gradually sharing in preparation for the release of Lightfall, with last week highlighting the different exotic gear coming to Lightfall. Plus, the UI and ability icons leaked on a Destiny 2 Discord ahead of this video, giving players a preview of these upcoming abilities.

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Outside the video, Bungie shares several keywords associated with Strand to provide further details. We have Suspend, Unravel, and Sever. Suspect will lift enemies off the ground, preventing them from attacking or reacting in combat. Unravel is a status effect given to enemies, and when hit by this state, they will burst out with multiple threads to connect to other targets. Sever is essentially a debuff, reducing the overall damage from a target.

Each Guardian class in Destiny 2 will have a unique relationship and association with Strand, giving them different abilities. Warlocks unlock the Broodweaver, giving them access to multiple minion-like abilities. Hunters become the Threadrunner, unlocking a rope dart where they can traverse a battle quickly, jumping around targets. Finally, Titans can become the Berserker, a heavy frontline combatant capable of breaking through using their melee abilities.

And, of course, every Strand class is getting the grappling hook. It’s a grenade ability that players can send out in a specific direction. It pulls the Guardian toward the point, and if there’s an enemy on the other end of that trajectory, players can execute a grapple attack when they land, dealing bonus damage, Unraveling an enemy, and pushing the foe backward. The grappling hook adds massive versatility for Destiny 2 players, giving them access to locations they may have had trouble reaching before.

Strand will unlock for Destiny 2 players when Lightfall arrives at the end of the month on February 28.