Bungie shares with Destiny 2 players their most played subclasses before Strand becomes their new favorite

What was your favorite Destiny 2 subclass, and which one did you neglect?

Image via Bungie

Earlier today, Bungie shared with Destiny 2 players a highlight reel of the upcoming Strand class, set to arrive in Lightfall at the end of the month. Players are eagerly awaiting to get their hands on this Darkness ability, to further amplify their Guardian and give them a host of unique powers that they can unleash in the game. Before the Lightfall expansion arrives and every Destiny 2 player swaps to only using Strand, Bungie has sent out an email highlighting each player’s favorite subclasses while playing.

The email went out to players from the one they have connected to their Destiny 2 account. Some players may not have received this email because they don’t have the proper settings on their Bungie account.

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For those who did send the email, it shared that Strand is on the way and showed off the new Strand trailer, where Guardians unleash their new powers against the onslaught of Calus’ forces on Neptune. Closer to the middle of the email, there’s a distinct breakdown showing each of the four other elements a player has played on their Destiny 2 account. The breakdown highlights each class and the preferred subclass within it. Some Destiny 2 fans may have utilized certain subclasses far more than others.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s a fun way for Destiny 2 players to see which classes they regularly use while playing the game, and it’s an exciting way for Bungie to promote the arrival of a fifth class: Strand. Strand, like Stasis, is a Darkness power and adds a new layer of traversal to Destiny 2 players, giving them the opportunity to zip around the map using grappling hooks. A Guardian using Strand can also expect a new layer of control on the battlefield. Given the excitement surrounding it, fans will likely make this their new favorite in the future.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion arrives on February 28. The expansion is set on Neptune, with Guardians taking the fight to their greatest enemy, The Witness.