Cheat distributor suspends sale of Call of Duty cheats amid EngineOwning lawsuit

The cheat distributor will still sell cleaners, spoofers, and Warzone accounts.

Image via Activision

Cynical Software, a prominent Call of Duty: Warzone cheat distributor, announced on its Telegram server Wednesday that it would stop selling “helper subscriptions” (cheats) for Call of Duty games, citing fear of legal action by Activision. The announcement came shortly after Activision filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning, a German software company known for making cheats for various Call of Duty games.

The distributor claimed it viewed the Call of Duty publisher’s lawsuit as “a warning […] that Activision [is] not messing around” when it comes to cheats. “Cynical Software doesn’t want any part of it,” wrote the company on Telegram. Twitter user Blix screenshotted the cheat distributor’s message and shared it on Twitter.

While cheats were removed from Cynical’s online shop almost immediately, the company confirmed it would still sell Warzone accounts, cleaners, and spoofers. Cleaners and spoofers are tools that can be used to avert shadowbans by masking your IP address, while purchasable Warzone accounts are exactly what they sound like: Warzone accounts outfitted with certain gear/cosmetics that can be bought for real money. Cynical said it would continue sales of cleaners and spoofers due to the products “[working] independently from the game.”

The company further stated it would remove any Call of Duty branding or references from its products, and that it would no longer provide customer support for Call of Duty titles. In the same message, Cynical noted it would offer cheats for other titles, presumably unrelated to Call of Duty, in the future.

Activision filed a complaint on Tuesday against EngineOwning, which Cynical identified as one of its biggest cheat suppliers. The German cheat-maker has made cheat packages for at least seven Call of Duty titles, alongside other online shooters, including Halo Infinite, Splitgate, and Titanfall 2.