Clash of Clans adds Clan Capital social spaces in new update

Can my clan crash at your crib?

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans has featured Clan Wars for a few years now, but what if your clan wants a break from battle? The new Clan Capital update has you covered, and everyone on the team can chip in.

As detailed on the game’s website, the capital “is the central hub where the entire Clan contributes to the construction and upgrading of a massive base.” Additional troops and items can be purchased and placed around the city. Capitals are accessible for any Clan that’s at least level 2 and has a Town Hall of level 6.

You’ll unlock additional districts as you level up. When you do, you’ll find each new one in ruins. To repair them, you’ll need to use new Capital Gold and Raid Medal currencies. Gold can be earned from a variety of in-game activities, but Raid Medals only come from — you guessed it — raids. Clan Capital Raids happen on the weekends, and developer Supercell promises “more on that information later.” For now, you can get the feel for the update from the newly-released update trailer.

Clash of Clans is primarily known as a mobile game on iOS and Android, but it’s also technically available on PC — here’s how to play it there. For those just dipping their toes into the popular competitive game, we also have a ranking of all heroes from worst to best.