Coral Island Promotes Healthy Seas With “Ocean Gaurdian” Charity DLC Pack

Making waves in the sustainability movement.

Image via Humble Games

Coral Island, the re-imagined farming sim game set on a tropical island, has exciting news for its players. The limited-time Ocean Guardian Charity DLC Pack, developed by Humble Games and Stairway Games in collaboration with Coral Guardian, is now available.

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From July 11 to August 8, players can enhance their gaming experience with new exclusive in-game items and actively contribute to ocean conservation efforts. What makes this DLC pack even more special is that 100% of the proceeds from each sale will go directly to Coral Guardian, a non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring coral ecosystems worldwide.

Play Coral Island’s Ocean Guardian DLC to Protect the Oceans

Image via Humble Games

The Ocean Guardian pack results from a partnership between Coral Island and Coral Guardian, an organization committed to preserving coral ecosystems. By working closely with local communities who rely on these habitats, Coral Guardian aims to significantly impact our oceans’ health. With this partnership, players of Coral Island have a unique opportunity to support oceanic protection efforts both within the game and on a global scale.

By purchasing the Ocean Guardian pack through Steam or the Windows Store, players contribute to conservation and gain exclusive in-game items. They can unlock the Ocean Guardian Outfit, along with a unique themed Ocean Guardian Chest storage item and Ocean Guardian Scarecrow, which can be used in their current playthrough and future playthroughs of the PC version of Coral Island, now available in Early Access.

This initiative by Humble Games and Stairway Games to raise awareness and funds through the Ocean Guardian pack is a commendable step towards expanding the game’s impact and promoting real-world change. Kamini Tiwari, Vice President of Social Impact at Humble Games, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “Coral Island invites players to have a hand in the conservation and protection of virtual coral reefs — our work with Coral Guardian helps bring these efforts to life.”

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Coral Island, with its charming island living experience and diverse gameplay features, has already captivated the hearts of players. Now, with the introduction of the Ocean Guardian Charity DLC Pack, players can further immerse themselves in the game while making a real difference in preserving our oceans.