Does Coral Island Have Multiplayer [Answered]

Coral Island has a wild adventure just waiting for players to embark on – but will you be able to farm with friends in 1.0?

Does Coral Island have Multiplayer

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Coral Island’s full release has players setting sale for tropical life – even if big oil is out to destroy the island’s natural beauty. With so much oil to scrub and potatoes to plant, players are likely wondering if they can invite their friends to the party.

Farming sims often struggle to support multiplayer, as the gameplay and progression are geared toward a more solitary adventure. While this hasn’t stopped titles like Stardew Valley from implementing it later on, or Palia from setting it as a core mechanic – it isn’t a genre staple. This begs the question – will Coral Island 1.0 have multiplayer?

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Is There Multiplayer in Coral Island?

Coral Island Multiplayer
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No, Coral Island does not have any multiplayer functionality at the time of writing. However, according to Stairway’s Roadmap, the team does have multiplayer in mind. Both online and split-screen multiplayer will be added after Coral Island’s full release in a post-1.0 update.

While there is no exact date, it’s likely multiplayer will be added to Coral Island in early 2024. Naturally, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as development and timeframes can change.

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Despite the wait for multiplayer, there will be plenty of new content coming to Coral Island to keep you busy, ranging from smaller additions such as new clothes, items, and decor, to big new features such as diving, adoptable pets, more story quests, marriage and children, and endgame content.

Whilst it’s a shame you’ll have to wait to play with friends, the game is already filled with things to do that fans of the genre can get stuck into. Whether you want to catch all the fish you can or get your farm up to shape, Coral Island has got you covered with all your simulation game needs. As new content like multiplayer arrives, you can expect it to get better with time.