Cult of the Lamb Relics of Old Faith Update Will Bring New Post-Game Content

Praise be to the Lamb!

Image via Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb fans have been eagerly awaiting the Relics of the Old Faith update, and the wait is almost over. Nintendo Indie World spotlighted the upcoming Relics of the Old Faith update and even spilled the beans on the release date. 

Fans of the cult-management sim/roguelite hybrid can rejoice as the update is set to grace our screens later this month. The upcoming update, set to release on April 24, 2023, promises to bring loads of new content to the game, including a post-game storyline, combat improvements, and new Follower forms.

What is new in Cult of the Lamb’s Relics of the Old Faith?

Cult of the Lamb’s Relics of the Old Faith update is bringing more than just revamped crusades and heavy attacks. It’s a full-on cult management experience, complete with kitchen assignments, shared sleeping spaces, and even farm plot signs to keep the crops looking nice. And what’s a cult without loyal followers? This update delivers new Follower forms, like badgers, penguins, and raccoons, and a Photo Mode to capture all your cult’s memorable moments.

The real meat of this update is the Relics that bestow unique effects on the Lamb to enhance combat. With these new powers, players can take on tougher enemies and explore deeper expeditions than ever before. And, of course, a growing cult needs a place to store its corpses. The new Crypt will do just that while also keeping things organized and tidy.

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Relics of the Old Faith is much more than just a simple update. It’s a full-on cult experience that will have you managing your followers’ every need while taking on challenging crusades and exploring new areas. With everything it’s bringing to the table, it promises to breathe new life into an already beloved game.