Cult of the Lamb’s Sins of The Flesh Let’s Players Make Babies in January

Sins of the Flesh introduces a handful of free updates to Cult of the Lamb, and allows cult followers to create families and have children.

Sins of the Flesh announcement in Cult of the Lamb

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The latest update for Cult of the Lamb is called Sins of the Flesh and gives players excitedly what they’ve been waiting for: making babies. It’s a free update available to all players, created in celebration of reaching 3.5 million copies sold.

Not only will babies begin to appear in Sins of the Flesh, but there are a handful of quality-of-life changes coming to Cult of the Lamb. Followers will have the chance to flaunt their fashion with a new building, additional items can spawn within your cult area, and a brand-new weapon is on the way. There’s a lot going into this free update, and we’re excited to see Cult of the Lamb getting this type of attention, especially in celebration of selling so many copies of the game across the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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Sins of the Flesh Introduces Families to Cult of the Lamb

Sins of the Flesh Brings Babies to Cult of the Lamb
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Sins of the Flesh is arriving in Cult of the Lamb on January 16, and again, this is a free update that every owner of the base game will receive after they download a short update. The update includes a new progression system, improved cult lifestyles, the new Blunderbuss weapon, and additional clothing options through the Tailor building.

Although having your followers make babies will be a huge part of Cult of the Lamb‘s Sins of the Flesh update, what sticks out to me is the updated progression system. Here, players will have the chance to deal with managing their cult much more closely, giving them the chance to go down a more sinful path. If you choose to do this, your followers begin to delight in more heinous actions that occur in your cult, such as gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, or wrathful doctrines that you enforce. When you expand your cult enough, you can invite your most loyal followers to the inner circle.

Sins of the Flesh is an exciting, bizarre update, but it fits perfectly with the adorable, disturbing aesthetic of Cult of the Lamb. The free update launches on all platforms on January 16. Make sure you download it to your preferred console and relish in creating a larger, more diverse cult as your followers fall in love, bringing with them children who will one day aid your cause of becoming the most powerful cult.