Dead by Daylight Alien Teaser Sparks Flurry of Killer Perk Ideas From Community

The Dead by Daylight community has high hopes for the upcoming Alien franchise crossover Chapter, and is already crafting perks and abilities.


Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive’s YouTube channel

Behaviour Interactive dropped a teaser trailer for what might be the biggest franchise crossover in Dead by Daylight’s history, Alien. The iconic Xenomorph is coming to the game as a Killer alongside a new Survivor, and the community is unbelievably excited.

Following the announcement, over 1,000 players have been discussing the Alien Chapter, sharing their ideas for Killer and Survivor Perks and how the Xenomorph should function once it’s in the game. There is a real buzz in the community about this Chapter, meaning it could be the biggest in Dead by Daylight’s history.

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The Dead by Daylight Community Can’t Stop Talking About the Upcoming Alien Chapter

Dead by Daylight players are incredibly invested in the game and usually discuss potential abilities and Perks for teased Killers and Survivors ahead of their release. However, the Alien Chapter teaser has created more of a buzz than we’ve ever seen on the title’s Subreddit.

Most players are sharing their ideas for how the new Killer and Survivor could work if they had the power to create them. “Alien will put down stalk zones that give it undetectable. Survivors can disable these zones with a minigame. Alien can track survivors in stalk zone. If you stay too long in the stalk zone, you get exposed. If you clear a stalk zone, you get marked by the alien for a period of time and can be tracked.”

With every idea, there’s someone else jumping in to offer their critique based on other Perks already in the game. “Wouldn’t that be too strong in 3 gens situation, though? I don’t want to feel like I’m playing a game of chest (/s)” It’s an interesting dynamic that shows how the community is coming together over this news instead of trying to rip the developer apart.

Our favorite idea for a Xenomorph Killer ability includes the iconic Facehugger. “Better yet, if it manages to successfully hit you with a head crab, you get an “Incubation” timer. If you reach full Incubation, a baby Alien will pop out of your chest (which will then be able to wander the map similar to Nemmie’s zombies) so you have to use “Prototype Antidotes” to remove them, but the antidotes have the chance to be a placebo so you have to potentially go through multiple antidotes before you find one that works.

Also, if you have Incubation and are within the Xenomorph’s terror radius, the rate at which Incubation progresses is increased. Furthermore, incubated Survivors have reduced healing and repair speeds. Another thing, if you successfully remove the parasite, your location will be revealed for a few seconds.”

Players are so delighted with the news of an Alien franchise crossover in Dead by Daylight because it’s one they’ve wanted to see for years. The Xenomorph is a huge, terrifying creature that’s a perfect fit for the game. Behaviour Interactive is great at listening to its community and lining up franchise deals that they’re excited about, which is exactly what’s happened here.

We caught a glimpse of what we thought was Ripley’s cat, “Jones,” from the first Alien movie in the teaser trailer, hinting that she may be the Survivor that accompanies the Xenomorph. The community is also keen to see this. “If we get Ripley and Hicks I will buy every cosmetic.” The developers will undoubtedly feel great that fans actively want to spend as much money as possible on this DLC.