Dead By Daylight celebrates Halloween with a new survivor named Mikaela

And she may, or may not be a witch.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive released a teaser on September 24 that hinted a new character will be coming to the company’s hit survival horror game Dead by Daylight. Pinhead from the Hellraiser series was the latest character to join the game when he was released on September 7. The latest teaser only showed a close-up of some curtains, suggesting a stage show. Some fans are theorizing that the next character will be a magician-based survivor.

On September 28, Behaviour Interactive released an official reveal trailer for the new survivor Mikaela, which appears to, in part, confirm those fan’s suspicions. The trailer showcased Mikaela’s player model — she’s a young-looking woman who wears black clothing and has some tattoos on the back of her arms. She is wearing a black top hat that looks similar to a witch and is shown reading a book.

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The video’s description says that Mikaela Reid loves writing horror stories and that Halloween is her favorite holiday. The description also mentions that she is very interested in witchcraft. To further add the witch theme for Mikaela, the trailer is even titled “Hour of the Witch.”

Though not much other information is given, it is heavily suggesting that Mikaela is a real witch. She may possess magical powers, which would be a new twist on survivors. Most other survivors are powerless against the killers they try to escape from. Usually, survivors have their own perks that give them some advantages, but Mikaela may be a character with her own supernatural abilities.

Appropriately, Mikaela is slated to release sometime in October. Check out the full trailer below to see the reveal for yourself.