Dead by Daylight Fans Love The “Pay to Lose” Xenomorph Queen Skin

Dead by Daylight players can’t get enough of The Xenomorph’s Queen skin despite it actively hurting the players using it.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter launched this week, bringing the iconic Xenomorph Killer, Ellen Ripley Survivor, and Nostromo map to the game. Fans are ecstatic about the DLC because it allows them to play in one of the most iconic horror movie locations as two of the biggest names in the sci-fi horror genre.

However, one of the DLC skins for The Xenomorph has caused quite a stir in the community. The Xenomorph Queen skin is almost certainly the best skin available for the Killer, but it’s also completely broken in favor of Survivors because of the size of the alien’s colossal head. But fans aren’t mad. They think it’s hilarious, and some even find it strangely alluring.

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The Xenomorph Queen Skin Makes Life Harder for Killers But Fans Love Seeing it in Dead by Daylight Trials

A recent post on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit shows an end-of-match image of The Xenomorph Killer with the Queen skin with a few messages from the Survivors the Killer has clearly not managed to hook or sacrifice. The best message says, “When your 13ft head is over the walls.” It demonstrates precisely why this skin is so broken, but players love it because of those flaws.

Other players who have faced off against The Xenomorph Queen have chimed in with their experiences. “Is hilarious seeing the queen’s fat head poking out, though. She’s insanely tall when standing.” The issue is that the massive head on this skin is so large that Survivors can see the Killer from anywhere on the map because the head is visible above any buildings.

While the problem is less obvious when the Killer is in Crawler Mode, the skin is still so large that it makes sneaking around as The Xenomorph impossible outside of its tunnels. The skin is also so large that the location where Survivors must use a flashlight isn’t anywhere near its face. Oddly, it’s closer to the Killer’s chest. “Don’t tell anyone about her flashlight blinding location.”

With these issues, players are calling The Xenomorph Queen skin a pay-to-lose Killer skin. However, some fans can’t get enough of it. “I’ve been playing with the name “impregnate me, xeno”. I got to be the last survivor on Springwood last night, so I made some noise, then Plot Twisted on the basement mattress… my Queen obliged.” For context, the Plot Twist perk makes injured Survivors drop to the floor so they can fully heal, but this Survivor clearly had other ideas.

While this skin has brought out all sorts of reactions among the Dead by Daylight fan base, none of them are what might be expected from other communities. This skin is technically broken in at least two game-breaking ways, but players love it for its flaws and think it’s funny. It’s a refreshing reaction when so many players are ready to complain if they don’t like the look of a weapon skin in a paid DLC pack.